Show image before upload is a requirement of every web application to give good user experience. We published a tutorial that dose’t work in all browsers so, now I am going to give you this tutorial it will work on every browser which support HTML5 File API and JavaScript check compatibility of API here. I hope you like this tutorial as all other

Just as you use a database like MySQL to store your application data, MySQL must also store its meta data (schema names, table definitions etc) somewhere. Traditionally this meta data storage has been split between many different locations (.FRM, .PAR, .OPT, .TRN and .TRG files). This has gradually become a bottleneck in various contexts.

NoSQL databases (additionally called as Not Only SQL Databases) are non-relational database systems used for Storing and Retrieving data. These days NoSQL Databases are vigorously utilized as a part of real-time web applications. NoSQL databases can likewise be said as Big Data databases or Cloud databases. NoSQL Databases are quicker in contrast of SQL Databases and thus NoSQL Databases are utilized as a part of a Big Data applications. Before utilizing any specific NoSQL Database you ought to check its component first on the grounds that each NoSQL Database has it claim set of functionalities. Now, we will go for Most popular NoSQL database and Best NoSQL Database for 2016 and 2017 year.

I am writing on latest SDK v5 how to login with Facebook using PHP SDK v5 which is the latest version and I suggest you all to update your old Facebook login integration to the latest version.

Web design and print design use the same elements: space and layout, fonts and colors, and formats. An understanding of the elements that make up a good design produces a web page that works well. Design elements apply to web pages, business cards, or T-shirts and to understand them is to be a designer. Most web pages have large amounts of text. A designer needs to think about text fonts, positions of blocks of text, and adjustments to text size and shape. Color, another important design element, enlivens web pages and dresses them up. The saying “a picture is worth 1,000 words” is certainly true in web design, making graphics for many viewers the most enjoyable parts of web pages. Layout organizes web page elements according to basic design principles, and accessibility makes the website useful to as many people as possible, so a good designer does not neglect this element. is an online compiler/interpreter, and a simple collaboration tool. It’s a pastebin that executes code for you. You paste your code, and codepad runs it and gives you a short URL you can use to share it. Paste the URL into chat or email to get help or to show someone how to do something. Or just try things out when you don’t have an interpreter handy. It works well on many phones.

Towards the end of 2015, we set free our cheat sheet for Java 8 best practices, which got thousands upon thousands of hits and downloads! So we thought, we should spawn another one, and we did just that. This point around, based on your analysis feedback, we focus on one of the greatest and generous features in the Java 8 release, the Streams API. You should click on the rascal sheet below and print it out. It will look awesome next to the Java 8 cheat sheet! Incidentally, Venkat Subramaniam, Java legend gave a Java 8 Streams masterclass just last week on Virtual JUG, so make sure you review that video out if you want to hear audit rush streams in more depth.

In programmers life algorithms and data structures is most important subject if they want to go out in the programming world and make some bucks. Today, We will see what they do and where they are used with simplest examples. This list is prepared keeping in mind their use in competitive programming and current development practices.

Coinciding with the new native data dictionary in MySQL 8.0, we have made a number of useful enhancements to our INFORMATION_SCHEMA subsystem design in MySQL 8.0. In this post I will first go through our legacy implementation as it has stood since MySQL 5.1, and then cover what’s changed.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to show the user dynamically-generated PDFs from your web application that relies on PHP. We are going to use a third-party library called Dompdf that enables us to create PDFs and save them to the server or directly display them to users using only HTML and CSS.