Google has many amazing services and today i have chosen Google cloud printing its a really amazing service for offices to manage there printings etc. You have to set a printer with a computer and connect it with Google cloud printer and use this library on you web so any one can easily print from that website by uploading a file.

CodeIgniter is one of the most popular PHP frameworks around. It uses the Model-View-Controller Architectural design pattern and it’s considered by lots of PHP developers as one of the best framework solution for small to medium projects. In this article we will cover how to install CodeIgniter and we will view the most common configuration abilities of the famous MVC framework.

Web Service are typical Application Programming Interface (API) or Web APIs can accessed via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with an XML serialization in conjunction with other Web-related standards.

I have received many requests from my readers to write tutorial on Excel file import in MySQL database, so today I am going to give you this tutorial on how to read excel file and insert data into MySQL DB using PHP. I have used a php library php-excel-reader its a very simple and easy to understand library to get excel data in your MySQL database. You can also print data in same excel format in HTML and display on browser.

We have created a like and unlike script on our readers request we received many users feedback they face problems in counter etc. Now I have fixed all bugs and created its improved version with multiple like unlike on single page and for products and improve some JavaScript and CSS so I hope you like it.

I fount that simple snippet on codepen and it looks super easy and simple so no need of JavaScript to hide and show objects if we have a super easy and fast CSS method to do that. Its a very simple and easy snippet.

The default styling for select elements isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you might want to control how it looks (to keep it consistent across browsers and devices) or you might want additional functionality that just isn’t supported natively. Thankfully there’s a heap of great jQuery powered plugins out there to simplify the process. We’re going to run through a selection of plugins you can incorporate into your next project. Some of these plugins are highly configurable with options, methods, and events, while others are simple replacements for select elements for styling and ease of use.

We often feel stranded while choosing between Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Both of these connections have their own advantages and disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages are induced by different factors like interference, protocol standards, medium standards, latency etc. We are going to discuss all these factors in details below:

Frame Relay is a WAN protocol that operates at the physical layer and data link layer of the OSI reference model. The main purpose of designing the Frame Relay was to use this technology across Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) interfaces. However, with time, its uses also came over to other network interfaces as well.

If you’re a regular or even an occasional computer user, then you might’ve heard the terms like Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Bots, Malware, Spyware, etc. But honestly speaking, we consider all these to be a Virus, no matter, whatever be their type. But have you ever tried to acknowledge, what is the difference between these terms, although they are meant to harm your device, steal your data or spy on you, have you ever thought why they are named so differently. Basically, terms like Viruses, Trojans are all types of malicious software or simply ‘Malware’.