Here are Top 11 Cool and Unknown Facts about Microsoft
Tech-News 08-Oct-2016

Here are Top 11 Cool and Unknown Facts about Microsoft

Bill Gates and Paul Allen were two masterminds behind the biggest software company of this ERA called “Microsoft” this gave them potential to capture the worldwide audience and make them richest person on the planet. Officially Bill Gates worth is about $81 Billionapprox. which is increasing on daily basis. Many controversies have struck Bill and his company like stealing stuff from Apple and even getting slammed by Steve in court.

But nothing stopped him from officially becoming the KING of software industry, right now majority of people are using Windows has their primary OS platform, as its much more convenient and supports a good amount of apps and programs.

We will be covering a full documentary video about Bill Gates and Microsoft but right now you can see Mark Zuckerberg’s full documentaryand Google’s full Documentary video to see how these another two giants make it so large in online industry.

Top 11 Unknown Awesome Facts about Microsoft (Biggest Software Company)

So lets see all the awesome, cool and unknown facts about Microsoft and Bill Gates.

  • This giant company now has more than 119,000+ employees which is essentially double to total population of Redmond where the company’s headquarters is located.
  • Sky Peer To Peer was the original name of SKYPE.
  • Bill Gates co-founder of this giant company, Reported worth is $80 billions whereas, The current CEO Satya Nadella is worth 45 billion dollars.
  • Amazing launch of WINDOWS10, The OS is nearly installed over 110+ million devices.
  • The combination of “MICROCOMPUTER” and “SOFTWARE” made the word MICRO-SOFT, As the days passes the hyphen was remove and finally MICROSOFT was officially registered in 1976.
  • The earlier version of EXCEL was officially made for Macintosh but not for MS DOS.
  • Microsoft holds near about 10,000 patents.
  • In October 1990 Microsoft has released it first ever Office Package.
  • When Bill gates was at an age of 17 he sold his first computer program known as Time Tabling System for $4.200
  • After being caught hacking the schools operating system to increase its usage time gates was banned from using computer during his high school.
  • The Microsoft sound was made and designed by pioneering musician BRIAN ENO.