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Well, both are JavaScript libraries. Each one has their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the major differences between the two.jQuery jQuery comes with so many features. The API provided by jQuery works well with almost all the browsers. If you want to do the HTML document manipulation and traversal, jQuery is perfect for it. Animation, event handling etc. can also benefit from jQuery. Ajax is another thing that benefits by the presence of jQuery as it makes it simpler. If you wish to manipulate the content of a web page, you can easily rely on jQuery.

React is a view library written in JavaScript, and so it is agnostic of any stack configuration and can make an appearance in practically any web application that is using HTML and JavaScript for its presentation layer. As React works as the ‘V’ in ‘MVC’, we can create our own application stack from our preferences. So far in this guide we have seen React working with Express, a Node ES6/JavaScript-based framework. Other popular Node-based matches for React are the Meteor framework and Facebook’s Relay.

Google every now and then comes up with easter eggs, which sets this search engine apart from others. These new experiences also give users some sort of relief from their boring work. We have collected 14 of the best Google Tricks for you to have fun with. The list is expected to expand soon. Don’t forget to bookmark this page.

Is your PDF restricted from printing? Or it is not allowing you for editing, extracting and copying the contents from Adobe Acrobat PDF files? No need to think about that any more. We are here with the best PDF Unlocker tool which can easily allow you to unlock the PDF file, and let you to print, edit, extract and copy the contents from the file.

Setting up MySQL replication is a good practice. Is it good enough for you? The answer is ‘NO’. You need to continually monitor your slaves to ensure that they continue to work seamlessly. Here’s an overview of the Slave variables to be monitored and the tool that will enable you to monitor them with ease.

Given the current stature of the constitutional “Rights” and “Freedoms” conferred upon the public in most of the democracies, censorship and bans on trivial matters often come as a surprise. And in the era of the Internet, harassing the general public is even easier. Be it the controversial net neutrality, or restriction to access to specific websites.

In this part of the useful HTML5 features series we are going to present you the new semantic tags that were introduced with HTML5 (most of them). We have provided a simple demo of a page that uses the HTML5 semantic tags.

The recent restructuring of the tech giant Google under a larger company Alphabet, that was announced on Monday, has come up with a lot of news and controversies associated with it. It’s being reported that BMW claims to own the Alphabet trademark and it’s the owner of Alphabet.com domain name.

Experts say that the world’s data is doubling every two years. This epic increase in Big Data has highlighted the limitations of reliance on traditional forms of data storage and management while also focusing attention on new methods for addressing the volume and variety and veracity of structured and unstructured data. In these discussions, one of the terms you’ve undoubtedly heard lots of buzz around is the expression “NoSQL.”