3 Ways to Reset Windows 10 Password
Tips & Tricks 09-Feb-2018

3 Ways to Reset Windows 10 Password

When you get along with computers, issues like forgetting Windows passwords are bound to come across. Usually Admin accounts are the only accounts which you give the entire privileges to access most of the computers, thus mostly everything of yours are stored in your admin account. And when the password to that very account is lost or forgotten it would surely create a lot of trouble for you and your work as you are completely dependent upon computers for the daily needs.

On such occasions, you might ask for any expert help or you can try out the methods mentioned below in the article to pull off the job of unlocking your locked admin account all by yourself.

Just continue reading to know the methods in details.

Method #1: Reset Windows 10 Password via Offline NT Password and Edit Registry Tool

Offline NT password is commonly known as chntpw and is a powerful password removing tool which basically removes any kind of password, be it admin account, local user account, or root account passwords. It runs with almost all versions of Windows, but it broadens the scope of its functionality. The steps for the method are laid out as follows:

Step 1: Firstly download the program file from official website and create a bootable disk by burning the ISO image files using a spare computer.

Step 2: Now insert the bootable disk into the locked out computer and boot from it. It would somewhat look like what is shown below.

Windows Reset Boot CD

Step 3: Press 1 to select the disk, which has the windows, installed from the partitions of the drive with numbers and hit “Enter”.

Step 4: Press 1 again to select the part of registry which is to be loaded and press “Enter”.

Step 5: Once the main interface screen appears press 1 again and hit “Enter”.

Step 6: Select the locked user account from the main screen and press 1 once more and hit “Enter”.

Step 7: Press “1” again and once the password is cleared press “Q” to exit the program.

Step 8: Input “Y” to write the changes and restart your computer. It will take few moments before you could access your account again without any password inquiry.


  • Offline NT password is completely a text based program which makes it a bit convenient.
  • The steps to gaining access to user accounts are very complicated.

Method #2: Reset Windows 10 Password with Kon-Boot

Kon-boot is yet another powerful password resetting tool which works a bit different than other password resetting tools. Instead of resetting the password for the locked account it actually bypasses the password and gives you a clean access to your account. The steps for the method are illustrated below as follows:

Step 1: Download the program file from any accessible computer and burn the

ISO image files into a bootable disk.

Step 2: Insert the bootable disk into the locked computer and boot from it. Make sure that the bootable disk is chosen as the priority disk from the bootable menu.

Step 3: Hit “Enter” on the first flash screen.

Kryptos Logic Security Software

Step 4: Kon-boot would display another splash screen. Don’t interfere with the screen, just let it run in its usual manner.

Kon Boot Screen

Step 5: Now; kon-boot would automatically boot from your windows version on the hard drive and so when the windows login screen appears, just leave the password field empty and press “Enter” or click on “Arrow”.

Windows 10 Login Screen

So next time you wouldn’t be asked for the password entry anymore.


  • It does not work with Windows 8/ 10 versions.
  • It does not work with 64-bit version of Windows OS.

Method #3: Reset Windows 10 Password with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Tool

If you are on the verge of opting a suitable password removing tool which can actually perform as per the terms of promises, then iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery (Pro Version and advanced version is one of those which can actually do the job with 100% guarantee to remove your password. Generally it bypasses your password protection feature instead of resetting the forgotten password. It does not re-install the Windows OS so there wouldn’t be any loss of data from your device.

Fascinating Feature of iSeePassword Recovery Tool:

  • It supports all types of hard drives.
  • It is compatible with all the Windows OS versions, such as Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  • No internet connection is needed.
  • No technical expertise is required.
  • All time technical support is available for customers.

Pre-requisites to use iSeePassword Tool:

  • A spare working computer.
  • An empty CD/DVD or USB with at least 512 MB storage capacity.
  • The iSeePassword Program file.

Manual to use iSeePassword Recovery Tool:

Step 1: Download the program here and follow the steps to reset your Windows password.

Step 2: Make sure you have purchased it to make it a full version. Launch it with admin rights.

Step 3: When the main interface screen appears, choose “USB or CD/DVD” option as the media type.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro

Step 4: Insert your empty bootable disk and click on “Burn USB” option to burn the ISO image files. Click “OK” when you receive the message “Burning Successfully!” to finish the process.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery

Step 5: Eject the USB stick and insert it into the locked computer and boot from it. Make thebootable disk your priority device from the BIOS boot menu to load the program files into the locked computer.

Password Reset Boot Screen

Step 6: Finally click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons to end the procedure.

iSeePassword Pro

Your system would restart in the meantime and the next time it is turned on, there wouldn’t be any password inquiry.


From the above mentioned article you can clearly decipher the first two methods regardless of being powerful have got some downsides, while iSeePassword Recovery Pro does not have any setbacks so it is totally reliable and suitable for guaranteed results as you expect. It has been tested with many brands of computers and laptops, for instance, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Sony,etc.