I have received many requests from my readers to write something on image crop in php, so today I am going to write this tutorial on codinghelptech how to crop images with jQuery and PHP. I have used jCrop javascript library to perform this task with PHP its a very easy to implement and very useful for thumbnail generation. Hope you love this tutorial.

In the last post I have already showed you any useful website to learn coding online, which is a popular post one. Yes, I know you are looking any resource to improve and learn more to improve your coding knowledge. In this post I wanna sharing with you.In the last post I have already showed you any useful website to learn coding online, which is a popular post one. Yes, I know you are looking any resource to improve and learn more to improve your coding knowledge. In this post I wanna sharing with you. Top 5 website you should know to improve your coding career 1 .CodeCombate It is known as a favourite and awesome website to learn coding by just playing the games. When Learn to code sometime might feel sleepy because it look so complicated and messy. Oh, you have tried any trick to motivate yourself to spend time to learn the code without sleep, so let try with code combat you play to learn. It has any gameplay that shows you on the left hand side of the website as an example of your coding and just Playing this game mean you are now practicing the coding which appear the result in front of you. Let start by Join CodeCombat now by visiting codecombat.com 2 .Code.org Learning Step by Step with massive example, it might be enough to encourage you to learn coding everyday with code.org especially for the young people. Young People are great and Smart nowadays includes you and it’s time to start your coding career with this site. It is mad to help your guy easy to learn and turn you to be a developer quickly.

PhoneGap is a tool that can help you make hybrid applications for different devices such as Android and iOS using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, there are a few differences when compared to normal websites and native apps. You would have to use plugins to do tasks that traditional websites do with ease – for example, to upload a file you would have to use the File Transfer plugin and use a different API than adding inputs with a type attribute set to file.

This tutorial show you how to hashing passwords in PHP 5.5 with hashing API. There is a large number of web developers using old and less secure algorithm like MD5 and SHA1 encryption etc but those passwords are plain strings. In this new hashing API it uses bcrypt (its a key derivation function for passwords). In this article we are going to explore PHP’s new hashing API.

Russian is replacing Microsoft Outlook and Exchange software with their local MyOffice alternative. The email system will be initially rolled out to 6,000 employees in Moscow and eventually extended to 600,000 in future. This move is to promote Russia’s decision of local software over the products by global vendors.

To create the bot, we are going to use Slack’s Outgoing Webhooks integration. With it, we can create any page and whenever a message is sent into a specific Slack channel or in any Slack channel your page will be called with information about the sender of the message, the message itself and other useful metadata. When a request is made to your page, you can return JSON with the property text in it and the bot will send back a response directly in the channel in which the message occurred.

Let me jab to be open-minded. My valuable time on researching about the PHP Frameworks provides me a great time with more information and the ability to find the perfect one in my point of view. It doesn’t refer that other frames apart from the one I have listed are deficient. It was a hard way along for me with lots of work and time to find the perfect framework that satisfies my thirst.

In this tutorial we will go through few more important features in AngularJs called Routing and Views. Once we develop the application with more features it will grow and tough to manage all the templates of views and hard to manage. So it will be good if we divide the whole application into multiple views and load them using routing makes application more logical and easily manageable.

We have covered almost all OAuth connects like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google now its time to connect with Microsoft using PHP. Microsoft has launched OAuth connect few months back, Now i am going to write this tutorial how to connect with Microsoft OAuth connect, using this you can get valid user detail from Hotmail and Outlook Database. I am sure this tutorial helps you in your registration systems.

Hello readers today I am writing this tutorial for client side searching in a HTML table with jQuery this is a very simple and easy code snippet you can use it in small apps reporting where you want to add fast searching you can use this code snippet its a 10 line of code to make a simple and fast searching so download it or check it in demo.