Top 12 Best PHP RESTful Micro Frameworks
Codeigniter 28-Sep-2016

Top 12 Best PHP RESTful Micro Frameworks

Let me jab to be open-minded. My valuable time on researching about the PHP Frameworks provides me a great time with more information and the ability to find the perfect one in my point of view. It doesn’t refer that other frames apart from the one I have listed are deficient. It was a hard way along for me with lots of work and time to find the perfect framework that satisfies my thirst.

The most preferable Restful PHP micro Frameworks are:

  1. BulletPHP
  2. Fat-Free Framework
  3. Limonade
  4. Phalcon
  5. Recess PHP
  6. Silex
  7. Slim
  8. Tonic
  9. The One Framework
  10. Wave Framework
  11. Zaphpa
  12. Lumen

1. Bullet PHP  

Bullet PHP is a micro PHP framework which is resource-oriented, is build around HTTP and defined URI’s. The Bullet, which is not a typical PHP micro framework, is easier when compared to other applications. It is simple, precise and concise with very little learning and with unlimited flexibility. The requirements for bullets include PH5.4, composer and auto loading.

Unique Features Of Bullet PHP Micro Frame Work:

  • Super Flexible Routing: Most flexible routing system due to the declarative functional-style nested routing callbacks. Only one path segment at a time.
  • Reduced Code Duplication (DRY): Taking the advantage of the nested closure routing system bullet PHP reduces code replication and provides cleaner routes.
  • Unique Callback Nesting: Only closures and one URL segment are used at a time instead of providing the complete path pattern or the URL route. Repetitive code for loading records, checking authentication and other is eliminated due to unique call back nesting.
  • Returning JSON: The response from the bullet is provided automatically when there is a request from the route handler because of its built-in support.

2. Fat-Free Framework  

The lustrous Fat-Free frame known as F3 is an attractive tool used in the web design.

F3’s Magnetism:

  • Due to its suppleness it’s becoming legendary use in a wide range of improved PHP language versions.
  • Learning this tool is effortless and heavily result oriented.
  • Creating templates using this tool trims down the length of the program and thereby shrinks the time consumption to a larger extent.
  • Due to its similarity to other PHP tools, individuals with an acquaintance of PHP tools can make use of F3 without trouble.
  • F3 facilitate us to script more explicable and consistent program.
  • It has database migration which helps in extending the interfacing and data mapper for easy working with SQL.
  • It has built in testing frameworks.
  • It is a more protected frame work so it is secure.
  • This is more parallel to Sinatra of Ruby Language and its has more living forms than Sinatra.
  • It is talented of data validation.
  • This minuscule code base is just 65Kb and provides hassle free installations and usage. It has the capabilities of doing out JAVA.
  • It acts as a stage in the operating system with the GNU General Public License.