Credorax is a licensed Merchant Acquiring Bank, providing cross-border Smart Acquiring services to global merchants and payment service providers. Remaining true to their hi-tech roots and focus, Credorax is creating the next generation technology-driven banking solutions for the eCommerce arena.

This is a quick example to see how to wire up a Firestore database to a simple jQuery app that will demonstrate basic CRUD operations (create/read/update/delete).

By now you’ve read Mike Frank’s excellent introduction to the MySQL 8.0 release and it’s Document Store. In that post Mike laid out the benefits of the new Document Store model and briefly outlined the different components involved. While it’s fair to consider the Document Store as the first pillar of the new MySQL 8 Document story, we must identify the X DevAPI to be the second. The post covers our motivation, goals, and overall design principles of this new API.

In the so-called “good old days”, when family life was solid as the rock the church was built on, business was pretty much your own business and nobody else’s.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a markup language, which is used for representing the look and formatting of a document that is written in HTML. It is one of the most influential tools that can intensify the entire tone and design of a website.

The first step that every business owner is expected to take before launching a business is developing a business plan. It is regardless of the size or type of the business: probably not different from the tours company you have started. If you are lucky enough to have a good business consultant, he/ she has advised you to grow your business market share by kicking off a social media marketing campaign.

WealthObjects is an award winning Financial Technology (FinTech) company offering technology solutions for Banks as well as Wealth Management and Investment Management companies. WealthObjects helps these financial institutions launch digital wealth solutions, such as Robo and Hybrid Advisory Services, quickly and cost-effectively to attract new generation of customers.

GitHub uses MySQL as its main datastore for all things non-git, and its availability is critical to GitHub’s operation. The site itself, GitHub’s API, authentication and more, all require database access. We run multiple MySQL clusters serving our different services and tasks. Our clusters use classic master-replicas setup, where a single node in a cluster (the master) is able to accept writes. The rest of the cluster nodes (the replicas) asynchronously replay changes from the master and serve our read traffic.

We are proud to announce that the open source version of Connector/NET 8.0.11 is also available as official MySQL NuGet packages. Connector/NET 8.0.11 is a GA release that can be used in production environments. Additionally, users with an older version can safely upgrade if preferred.

Developers love Google App Engine’s zero-config deployments, zero server management and auto-scaling capabilities. At Google Cloud, our goal is to help you be more productive by supporting more popular programming languages.