Are you unable to attract more social shares in spite of sharing compelling content across social media sites? Well, social media has become a great source for websites to drive constant traffic. But if you are not sharing enough visual content that resonates with your users, you are missing out on an opportunity to improve user engagement.

Web development is often thought to be a serious business; therefore, people always look for professional vendors to get their website built in a clean and usable form. These outsourcing business engagement models have their own set of benefits as they offer quality-rich websites within a limited budget. In this blog, I have mentioned about outsourcing PHP development and the advantages one can gain by availing such kind of services.

I have found a very useful code snippet on codepen for eCommerce sites ad to cart fly effect and really loved it so decided to write on that for my readers. Its a jQuery based code and very simple to use giving you a demo and download code for testing so you can easily implement it.

MySQL 8.0 comes with improved defaults, aiming at the best out of the box experience possible. Here we describe the changes and why they are made.

My readers continuously asked me to work on how to export html table data to excel, CSV, PNG, PDF, TXT, Doc, JSON & XML instead of copying the records manually. So I thought to share this wonderful jquery plugin I have come across via google to my readers.

jQuery each is one of the better-used functions in jQuery so I think it’s great to understand what you can do with it.

Today I’ll provide you 70+ Best Free Alternatives to Paid Software. Therefore making a small contribution for those of you that will find free alternatives on this list.

Now a days every websites are powered by jQuery Preloader. It will add interactivity to a webpage with some sort of animations. Today I am going to tell how to create a simple jQuery Preloader with 2 lines of jQuery code & few lines of CSS code. We want our user to see something is happening in the background which clicking on any urls in the webpage. This simple JQuery Preloader trick will help them to wait for few seconds in the page before taking any hard decision to move out from our website

Being the most diverse and ever-changing landscape, the concept of web development is mushrooming everywhere and claiming big. PHP and Node.js are just two of a variety of sought after skills as demand heats up this year and in the upcoming years. Both the technologies have the potential to manage apps of any complexity; they are built around different concepts and architectures.

Today, yet another blog post about improvements in MySQL 8.0 related to Performance_Schema. Before MySQL 8.0 it was not always easy to get an example of the queries you could find in