QR (Quick Response) code used to read your data in your smart devices for ease. If you have a visiting card and want to add name, email and mobile number in you mobile its hart to type if there is a QR code of contact added on that card then you can easily add that in you contact list by scanning that code.

Some web hosts disable file_get_contents function. Most of them have curl library installed. This post help you to replace function for file_get_contents, using CURL library.

In this tutorial I want to explain how to work with Paypal Sandbox test accounts for payment system development and sending arguments while click buy now button. It’s simple and very easy to integrate in your web projects.

Using PDT, you can verify that a user actually made a purchase. If you have some auto redirect after a user made a purchase and check only the GET parameters of the return URL then any user could trigger the “thank you” page without actually having purchased anything.

Ever wonder how social media websites pops up a notification for every action that happen on your timeline?

Hangman is a popular game in which users have to guess the characters in a word with missing letters. Each time they guess a character that does not exist – a man who is being hanged is slowly drawn on the screen. When they get hanged or they complete the word, a new word is given for them and they start anew.

I have received many requests from my readers to create a price range slider, this article going to solve there problems so basically I used jQuery UI to perform this tutorial base which is jQuery and created a PHP and MySQL settings for ease of PHP Programmers so let see how it works and how to configure it in your websites. Mostly Developers use this slider in eCommerce sites where people can search products with price range.

If you are making a system where peoples come and give there reviews or accept content from public post, there is always some bad peoples write bad words and you have to manually manage these posts. Now with this article you will be able to manage inappropriate words and restrict peoples to write on website. Its a simple and easy to implement program hope you enjoy it.

In this article, we will be building a dictionary app with Python and the Tkinter GUI library. The app is going to receive words from the user and it will display their definition. The definition is going to come from a third-party API.

Hello friends after a long time today I am going to write a post on few of my readers request on How to quick Search in MySQL using full-text indexing in PHP. Many developers make a big mistake during searching from MySQL use wildcard queries “LIKE %string%” which is a very slow query to search records so today we are going to learn full-text indexing search and its hundreds or thousands of times fast then wildcard wildcard queries.