Do you want to apply at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple or any big MNC company? If yes, they must go through below database query questions. It’s most frequently asked questions in all companies. Most Popular Database Queries For an Interview:

In this post we show how to use the mysql-server Docker image for local development. We first introduce a simple example app that starts up and tries to connect to a given db until successful. We then show how to start containers for multiple MySQL versions and use our example app to connect to them. This results in a fully self-contained way of testing multiple MySQL versions locally.

Mysql 22-Feb-2019


JSON data is a wonderful way to store data without needing a schema but what about when you have to yank that data out of the database and apply some sort of formatting to that data? Well, then you need JSON_TABLE.

In earlier versions of MySQL, the query optimizer did not distinguish between data that was cached in the database buffer and data that had to be read from disk. The main reason was that the optimizer had no information about whether a table would have to be (partially) read from disk or already was present in the buffer pool. In MySQL 8.0, this has changed. InnoDB will now provide buffer estimates per table and index.

As a Database Administrator(DBA), your job want you to know the most atomic details of databases in your server. It happens for me many times, my boss/ delivery manager asking me, what is the size of a specific database or specific table, in this kind of situation, producing the right data will help make right decision. From my experience, I understood, it is always better to say, I will give you data in few minutes, instead of producing the incorrect data, which I had been doing for a long time.

Write Set is not only in MySQL 8.0 but also in MySQL 5.7 though a little hidden. In this post, I describe Write Set in 5.7 and this will bring us in the inner-working of Group Replication. I am also using this opportunity to explain and show why members of a group can replicate faster than a standard slave. We will also see the impacts, on Group Replication, of the Write Set bug that I presented in my last post.

MySQLStreamer is an important application in Yelp’s Data Pipeline infrastructure. It’s responsible for streaming high-volume, business-critical data from our MySQL clusters into our Kafka-powered Data Pipeline.

I have received many requests from my readers to write tutorial on Excel file import in MySQL database, so today I am going to give you this tutorial on how to read excel file and insert data into MySQL DB using PHP. I have used a php library php-excel-reader its a very simple and easy to understand library to get excel data in your MySQL database. You can also print data in same excel format in HTML and display on browser.

The internet is swarming with PHP scripts but when it comes to Social Networking scripts, you can hardly find good ones. The reason for that must be because a social network need hard work for development and penis enlargement it’s very complicated to develop. Luckily, there are some good scripts out there with a small number of free ones. We have brought what we believe that they are the best, mostly used and have the top feedback.

While I was surfing the web to see what JS developers has in a store lately, I stumbled upon this great plugin which makes web images come alive.