When working in PHP or any PHP framework. Sometimes you forgot to add semicolon on the end of the syntax, mistyped any syntax, defined any variable not correctly, and wrong logic. At that time, errors occur in your script.

In this tutorial, you will learn about PHP try...catch and using it on how to handle errors in PHP script.

In this PHP post, we would like to share with you, two PHP functions. Which are implode() and explode().

If you are searching for such as generate php random string fixed length, generate random string in php without duplication, php, generate unique 6 digit unique number in php alphanumeric string, how to generate a unique string in php , generate php random md5 string, php random password, and php random alphanumeric string etc. So this tutorial will help you a lot.

Whenever you are working in PHP Projects or web applications. So many times you need to create a zip file in your PHP projects. This tutorial will show you the easy and simple way how to create a zip file in PHP and can also download the zip file.

In this tutorial, we will teach you about PHP’s copy () function and show you how to use PHP copy function.

Require and Include function in PHP. In this tutorial, we will explain to you the require and include the function of PHP with these function definitions, syntax, parameters, and example.

PHP urlencode() Function Example. In this tutorial we would love to share with you, how to encode given_url in PHP using the PHP urlencode() function with examples.

Generate unique random number in PHP. In this tutorial, we would love to share with you how to generate 2,4,6,10,12 digit unique random number in PHP.

In this tutorial, You will learn PHP empty() vs isset() vs is_null() function with its definition, syntax, require parameters and with examples. Also, we will show you the difference between is_null, empty() and isset().