With this post, I want to bring your attention to source code improvements in MySQL 8.0. MySQL 8.0 modernizes the code base by using C++11 constructs, being warning-free on more compilers and platforms, being UBSan- and ASan- clean, improving header file dependencies, improving the coding style, and better developer documentation.

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So first I have posted in sometime as felt I should be. I have been very busy still working with MySQL and all related forks and failed to put out blogs as I felt I should. So I will work on that.

MySQL adds NoSQL and many new enhancements to the world’s most popular open source database:

Before starting with most popular NoSQL databases. You must have to know about NoSQL databases. Most of the programmer doesn’t know that it stands for Not only SQL. After getting knowledge of NoSQL database, we will jump into Best NoSQL databases for the 2019 year and we also see Cassandra vs MongoDB vs HBase.

In this blog I’ll explain the big wins that come with the MySQL Document Store in the MySQL 8.0 GA.

We are currently witnessing a huge growth in data volumes and number of connected devices. Demanding of big data processing is extremely growing in enterprise domain, medical research, large scale scientific research etc.

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This is a quick example to see how to wire up a Firestore database to a simple jQuery app that will demonstrate basic CRUD operations (create/read/update/delete).

By now you’ve read Mike Frank’s excellent introduction to the MySQL 8.0 release and it’s Document Store. In that post Mike laid out the benefits of the new Document Store model and briefly outlined the different components involved. While it’s fair to consider the Document Store as the first pillar of the new MySQL 8 Document story, we must identify the X DevAPI to be the second. The post covers our motivation, goals, and overall design principles of this new API.