Microsoft Teams do not allow users to clear chat history. So, let us see how to clear Microsoft Teams Cache and chat history.

Laravel login authentication register with example. In this laravel toturial, we will study about how to create laravel login authentication and register with example .Step by Step Guide to Building Your First laravel login authentication and register Laravel Application. A complete step by step complete guide.

In this article , we will discuss how to Install Laravel Passport and create restfull apis using Laravel Passport . Step by Step Guide to Build Laravel Passport Application and Laravel Authentication apis for our applications. Laravel Passport Authenticate users and do not maintain session .

Install laravel on windows. In this article , We’ll show you how to Install Laravel 5.8, 5.7 & 5.6 Framework on windows 7/8/10 system step by step and create a first laravel 5.8, 5.7 & 5.6 application. Also dicuss about How to Install Composer windows. Install Laravel on Windows in a matter of minutes.

Laravel 7, 6 full text search app. Here you will learn how to implement full text search in laravel app uisng full text search package.

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Microsoft Teams has become an essential product for companies, especially now during the Coronavirus pandemic health crisis. Many people are working from home using tools like Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams for increasing Productivity. Microsoft recently announced a brand-new version of its service.

Cordova is a framework that runs JavaScript apps in a WebView which has additional native extensions, it is called hybrid app. From the beginning of Ionic, Apache Cordova has been an integral part of the project. Ionic is based on Cordova and comes with Angular.

I received lots of tutorial requests from my readers in that most of them asked me, how to use Ionic 5 to create a welcome page with login and signup pages. Ionic updated there code base with latest Angular 8 features. Now we can implement the routes and guards pretty easy way. Ionic is recommending to use Capacitor to generate iOS and Android. This post will explain to you how to design an Ionic project structure with social project related pages like messages, feed, notifications, etc. Finally converting this web Ionic project to iOS and Android applications.

Are you interested to create and publish NPM packages/libraries to enrich Angular functionality? Take a quick look at this post. You can share solutions with other developers. A simple package can solve many problems and resolve the issue quickly. If you are working with multiple applications? Package approach will help you to solve the components problems easily. In this post I have created the Bootstrap confirm functionality package with control options and published it on NPM repository for global use.