10 Best PHP Frameworks For Web Development In 2021
Php 14-Feb-2022

10 Best PHP Frameworks For Web Development In 2021

Are you wondering what PHP framework will be the best to develop web applications in 2021? If so, then you’re in exactly the right spot. In this article, we will look at the various PHP frameworks in depth.

Then, it is true that PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the programming languages developed with web development capabilities built-in. In addition, programmers are able to embed script written using this well-known programming language on the server effortlessly into HTML code using the use of the Script tag.

Before we begin our listing of PHP frameworks, let’s look at the topic in detail.

What exactly is PHP Framework?

A PHP framework can be described as a system for the creation of PHP web-based applications. In addition, PHP frameworks provide code libraries for common functions, which reduces the amount of code to write. Additionally, PHP Framework provides a basic structure that streamlines the development of web applications. Furthermore, developers utilize PHP Frameworks because they accelerate the development process. The flexibility of sites as well as applications created with PHP Frameworks aids businesses in meeting their needs for performance.

There are now several frameworks that use PHP technology, such as the LaravelCodeigniterSymfonyCakePHP that we’ve listed in this listing, which can be used for web development.

Benefits of Using PHP Framework

Based on the data from W3Techs, PHP is used by 79.2 percent of websites that use the web-based server-side language. That means that nearly 8 out of 10 websites you browse on the Internet use PHP in some manner. In addition, Version 7 is utilized by 62.4 percent of all websites using PHP.

PHP Framework offers some amazing benefits as follows. These benefits make it among the frameworks that are most popular.

  • Rapider Development
  • There is less code to write
  • Libraries for Common Tasks
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Use databases more effectively

Web developers also can choose from a range of PHP frameworks. The majority of them are open source and may be used with no fees for licensing. Certain among them PHP frameworks are full-stack frameworks, while some are microframeworks.

What PHP Framework is right for you?

It’s true that PHP frameworks were designed in order to make it easier to develop processes and cut down on the amount of work needed to create flexible applications. Each framework that is part of this list will come with specific attributes, along with an inventory of the components and they’ll all differ in regards to the documentation available and support for community members as well as an official response from the person who created the framework.

To choose the best one it is necessary to establish the priority and take into consideration factors like the ease of use and features you’d like to have, etc. If you’re just beginning your journey, and are looking for a framework such as Codeigniter could be a great start since it’s simple to master and can be used as a starting point.

As you can see from the survey conducted by Jetbrains, Laravel is leading the list of the most popular PHP frameworks. Following that, Symfony Framework is holding its second place. It’s not required to follow the trend. Just because the majority of users use Laravel does not mean that you have to follow it. Take a picture of the Laravel you want to use.

There is a proven fact that the use of PHP frameworks can simplify the development process, which can help reduce work. Each framework has distinct strengths and weaknesses, and differ in regards to community, documentation, as well as the databases they work with.

In the graph below, as you will see from this graph, Laravel has the top spot in this pack thanks to 64.1k Gitstarrs, and Symfony with 24.7k is in the second spot. However, frameworks such as CakePHP as well as Codeigniter make their way quite fast thanks to their efficiency in the workplace and speed of response.

git stats

The decision to choose the right framework is dependent on many factors including security, user-friendliness and scalability, documentation and many more. Therefore, you must first understand the needs of the application or project you wish to build. After you have analyzed these aspects then, select the best PHP framework from the list below.

Let’s get started..!!



It’s true that we are all acquainted with this brand new but very popular framework The Laravel framework. Since its release in year 2011, Laravel has swept the framework industry from its feet, and it has been at the top of the charts for quite a while in the past. It is a completely free open-source top PHP web framework that is designed for web development.

The huge popularity of PHP is due to its capability to manage complex web applications while ensuring speed and security in comparison to other frameworks. In addition, the PHP Framework for web development can also simplify the development process by simplifying typical tasks, like the use of sessions, routing, queuing and authentication.

Check out the below Laravel templates to get a better understanding.

Why should you use Laravel?

  • Laravel is a great choice for creating applications that have complex requirements for backends regardless of size.
  • This top PHP framework is packed with options to help you create complex applications. It includes features such as seamless data migration, MVC architecture support, security, routing views template engine and authentication, in addition to many others.
  • It’s highly expressive and its speed, as well as security, are exactly as you would expect from an advanced web application. For those who wish to create B2B and enterprise sites that adapt to changing web trends, Laravel is the way to take.

Additional Information:

  • Git Star: 64.1k
  • Forks 20.5k
  • Compiles 6460
  • Downloads 104m
  • Companies Using: 9GAG, Pfizer, BBC, Crowdcube



Symfony has been in existence longer than the majority of PHP frameworks on the market (Since 2005) and this indicates that it has earned the confidence of developers for over 10 years, and has been evolving with age. It is an extensive PHP framework and is the only one that adheres to the standards of PHP and the web in full. Additionally, Symfony PHP framework components, are utilized by popular content management systems, such as DrupalOroCRM as well as PHP Bulletin Board (PHPBB).

Additionally, Symphony is the first option for many developers because of the existence of reusable libraries and components that can accomplish a range of tasks like the templating process, object configuration authentication, object configuration, and more. Additionally, the Symfony ecosystem is huge and is backed by a very active programming community.

Why do we use Symfony?

  • Symfony is an ideal option for developing large-scale enterprise applications. It is easy to set up and install across all platforms.
  • One of the main highlights is its reusable PHP components that are reusable. It also boasts the independence of the database engine and is reliable.
  • It is compatible with most web-based guidelines and patterns and allows integration with other libraries from vendors.
  • Symfony is also very adaptable and it can be integrated with larger projects, such as Drupal.

Additional Information:

  • Git Star: 24.7k
  • Forks 8k
  • Compiles: 53,632
  • Companies Using: BlaBlaCarSpotify



CodeIgniter is a light (mere 2MB) framework well-known for its compact footprint and simple installation. It comes with simple configuration requirements. It is a simple but robust PHP Framework. No matter how big it is ideally suited for the creation of dynamic websites as it has a number of pre-built modules that aid in the creation of sturdy and reusable components. This is why it’s in the top 10 list of most effective PHP frameworks for 2021.

Additionally, CodeIgniter includes some amazing features like easy encryption steps and security, as well as easy error handling, and minimal PHP adoption struggles, etc. The PHP framework is well-documented and is a great option for those who are just starting out.

Why Choose Codeigniter?

  • It’s a lightweight and simple PHP framework that is simple and lightweight. Additionally, it’s simple to install, in contrast to other frameworks. Because of its simple installation procedure and well-written documentation, it’s perfect for novices.
  • Its key features include the MVC structure, top-quality error handling, integrated security tools, as well as simple and thorough documentation. It also creates flexible apps.
  • When compared to other frameworks CodeIgniter is a lot more efficient. Because it offers excellent performance, it’s a great option for those who want to build lightweight applications that run on smaller servers.

Additional Information:

  • Git Star: 18.1k
  • Forks 7.8k
  • The commits are: 10,113
  • Businesses using: Accenture, Ola, Buffer and Social dog.



CakePHP is a great alternative for commercial projects because it provides top-of-the-line security features like SQL injection prevention and cross-site request forgery security and protection against cross-site scripting in addition to many more. Additionally, it has correct class inheritance and validation as well as speedy development. Additionally, the large community support is a good factor as this top PHP framework has top-quality assistance from the parent company and also has numerous support channels in addition.

Additionally, the most recent edition of the framework includes improvements in modularity, as well as the ability to build additional libraries that are standalone. The framework is easy to understand and simple to install, since it requires just an internet connection and an instance of the framework.

Why should you use CakePHP?

  • CakePHP is easy and simple to install. You require only a web server and an image of CakePHP’s framework.
  • It permits creating codes that can easily be reused. It is not necessary to develop new codes constantly, cutting down on time and effort when developing the website.
  • A few of the key features include modern frameworks, quick builds, correct classes, inheritance and validation and security.
  • The most efficient is that Cake PHP can be used to test the most fragile and crucial aspects within your program. The tests can range from basic tests to custom-made tests that you can design as per your specifications.

Additional Information:

  • Git Star: 8.3k
  • Forks 3.5k
  • The commits are: 42,618
  • Downloads 6.8 M
  • Companies Using: SwatWallsEdureka



Yii2 is based on the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) idea is an object-oriented platform and the successor to one of the most renowned PHP frameworks Yii. Yii 2 is a good alternative for the large-scale development of websites because it is easily coupled to jQuery or AJAX features. What is unique about Yii 2 a PHP framework so effective is the lazy loading feature of Yii2. This makes it much faster than other frameworks available.

In addition, it has an extremely efficient class code generator dubbed Gii. The purpose of Yii is to make it easier for users to navigate the procedure of object-oriented programming and rapid prototyping. Yii is a web-based user interface, aiding the programmer in creating the desired code dynamically.

Why Yii2?

  • It’s extremely fast and performance. In addition, it’s extremely flexible and allows developers to cut out the burden in writing repetitious SQL statements since they can model database data using objects.
  • Yii is a simple installation procedure. In addition, its robust security features make it appropriate for highly secure projects like e-commerce sites portals, CMS, forums, and a myriad of others.
  • The PHP framework comes with an in-house development team as well as experts who contribute to the development. With an enormous community that uses it, you can discuss questions in the Yii forums and get assistance.
  • Yii is very extensible, and it is possible to customize almost every part of the code.

Additional Information:



Zend Framework is a totally object-oriented framework. Additionally, Zend is built on a flexible methodology that aims to provide high-quality software at an enterprise level. This top PHP framework was developed with speed and security, performance, and flexibility in mind. Additionally, it provides high customization and is based on PHP’s best practices. This can be extremely helpful for developers looking to include specific features for their projects.

In addition, because of its specialization in applications for enterprises, it comes with an abundance of components to perform tasks like security, authentication services such as forms and many more. Zend framework packs include features like a simple editor that can be dragged and dropped and coding tools, as well as online tools for debugging, and a scalable interface that is useful for websites with complex requirements.

Why should you use ZEND?

  • Zend framework is an ideal option for large, complex projects. Zend framework is the most popular choice for large IT departments as well as banks.
  • This PHP framework contains MVC components, encryption of data as well as a simple cloud API as well as session administration.
  • Additionally, it integrates with libraries from other sources as well, and you are able to make use of only the components that you require.
  • The Zend framework has well-written documentation and has a huge community base.

Additional Information:



Phalcon Phalcon is an all-stack PHP framework. It was written originally by using C in addition to C++ programming languages. The main feature that is unique to this Phalcon PHP framework is that it is extremely speedy. It is due to the use of only a few resources, in contrast to other frameworks on the market.

With the speed this framework provides the speed of this framework, it is extremely helpful for developers working using systems that don’t have a lot of overhead costs. A further benefit is that it has been continuously updated in 2012, and it has experienced many improvements in the most recent versions. The most recent support release includes components like ORM, MVC, and caching. Additionally, it includes the support of PHP 7.

Why do we use Phalcon?

  • Phalcon is simple to install and is suitable for the creation of highly customizable web-based applications that align with guidelines for development in enterprises.
  • Features include faster execution speeds as well as universal autoloader asset management, as well as top-quality security as well as caching.
  • Different from other frameworks Phalcon improves performance thanks to its efficient utilization of memory. If you’re looking to build an extremely fast site then give Phalcon an attempt.

Additional Information:

  • Git Star: 10.4k
  • Forks 1.9k
  • commits 14,406
  • Companies that use Urban Sports Club, Proshore, Outsmart, Tiendup

Fuel PHP


FuelPHP is an MVC Model-View-Controller framework that was designed from the ground up to have full support for HMVC as part of its architecture. In addition, it is an extensible and flexible PHP framework. It also incorporates a free class called the presenter class (previously called ViewModel) between the View and Controller layers to contain the logic needed to create views.

It is also focused on security and addresses security concerns with various options, including input, URI filtering as well as output encoders.

Why should you use Fuel PHP?

  • FuelPHP assists developers in delivering end-to-end web-based solutions that vary in both size and complexity.
  • The PHP framework is ideal for providing end-to-end web applications of various dimensions and levels of complexity.
  • It also comes with the capabilities such as HMVC implementation and caching system, URL routing system and vulnerability security.
  • It goes beyond the standard security measures, which makes it a good choice when security is a major concern for your venture.

Additional Information:



Slim is a microframework. The concept behind Slim is that it can be a great choice for small applications that don’t require the capabilities of a full-stack framework. The PHP framework is extensively utilized by developers looking to create RESTful APIs and services.

Slim’s codebase is slender since it doesn’t have dependencies from third parties. It is the result that it’s extremely fast. In addition, Slim is particularly suited for small-scale apps and APIs. If you require more features from this framework Slim is compatible with third-party and first-party components.

Why should you use Slim?

  • Easy to master
  • It comes with a variety of features including URL routing, session and cookie encryption and client-side HTTP caching, and the ability to flash messages across HTTP requests. It is, therefore, the most efficient PHP framework for small web applications.
  • Furthermore, active maintenance and friendly documentation add to the appeal of making Slim super-user-friendly.

Additional Information:

  • Git Star: 10.9k
  • Forks 1.9k
  • Compiles 4159
  • Downloads 15.4 M
  • Companies using: Codorus, flyeralarm, Webbylab, Evergreen



Lumen is a PHP micro-framework that was created by the person who invented Laravel and is maintained by the community that it serves. It’s very comparable to Laravel which is why If you’ve had experiences with Laravel it will make it effortless and smooth. It’s a PHP framework that can also be light and efficient, which makes it perfect for modern applications.

In addition, it can be used to build APIs to support single-page apps microservices, microservices and other back-end services that require speed and efficiency are crucial. Lumen offers a speedy routing function with the help of its Fast Route library. The library allows for the implementation of routing based upon regular expressions.

Additional Information:

Why should you use Lumen?

  • Amazing speed
  • Simple syntax
  • Very simple migration of the project into the fully-fledged Laravel framework
  • It’s a simple watcher which allows you to save and hear events that occur in our application.


In this extensive piece which PHP Framework is the most suitable for the Web Development for 2021?, we have listed the most widely used and the most effective PHP frameworks. We’ve made sure we provide all the essential information. While the web is changing continuously, so does the information..!!

The importance of a specific framework is contingent on the support from the community and updates, features and features they provide. Therefore, it is important to stay on top of the trends each year. Our goal is to present a comprehensive guide that will assist you in selecting the best PHP structure for your project.

So, tell us which one you like best in the comments below. If we’ve missed any, then let us know the same.