How to Integrate jQuery Scroll Paging with PHP
Php 09-Oct-2019

How to Integrate jQuery Scroll Paging with PHP

I have received many request from my readers that how to load page on scroll down like now days many websites doing specially Facebook and Twitter so i have decided to write this helpful article. It uses jQuery and php to load page on scroll down, we have 2 pages one for first time load and second page can be loaded on scroll.

jQuery Code:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
  var offset = 2;
  url : 'content.php', //required
  totalRecordCount : 20,//required
  offset :offset, //required
  data :'key=value',//you can pass extra params here
  beforeSend : function(){
  var loader = $('<div id="scrollLoader">loading please wait ....</div>')

  success : function(result) { //required


Offset: used to get numbers of records you want to fetch on each scroll down.

TotalRecordsCount: used for the limit of records shown on scroll down.

Data: can be used on your needs or it should be blank.

BeforeSend: your code needs to be executed before each request.