Laravel login authentication register with example. In this laravel 5.8 default login authentication system, we will study about how to create laravel login authentication and register with example .Step by Step Guide to Building Your First laravel login authentication and register Laravel 5.8 Application. A complete step by step complete guide.

In this laravel 5.8 rest authentication api example, we would love to share with you how to create rest full api in laravel 5.8 using passport. Step by Step guide to build rest api in laravel application using passport authentication in laravel applications. Laravel passport authenticate users and do not maintain session.

Laravel is most popular php framework in the world. Laravel is very simple and easy php framework with many useful functions libraries ,packages etc. In this laravel blocked/banned/suspended users example. We would love to share with you how to banned/blocked/suspended users.

In this laravel qr code tutorial, we will share with you how to generate (create) qr code using simple-qrcode in laravel 5.7 & 5.8. you can simply create (generate) qr codes with text, size, color, background color, format like png, eps, svg. This example also work with laravel version 5.8 , 5.7 & 5.6 .

Laravel Image Intervention Package – Today we would love to share with how to use image intervention package and resize the image size using the laravel image intervention package and we will upload the image using ajax and jquery with validation.

Some countless features and packages support myriads of facilities on both the platforms. Made for built-in web development projects, functionalities that are a vital ingredient of the World Wide Web, PHP frameworks have evolved as a scripting language above and beyond. Countries like India are a rich source of outsourced jobs that require such skills, and learning what is going to be more useful in the coming future, is surely going to add some good paychecks to your salary.

Hello Developers and learner, In this laravel 5.7 social login tutorial – We would like to share with you, How can we implement linkedin social login in your Laravel based project using laravel 5.7 socialite package. Also working with laravel 5.8 version.

In this laravel collection methods tutorial, we will discuss about laravel collection methods and it’s uses with simple and easy example.

Jquery submit form ajax laravel 5.7 without page refresh. We will discuss how to submit a form using ajax without page refresh or page reload, we will use jquery submit handler with jquery validation rules for ajax form submission. We will also use csrf token in ajax form submission. And also work with laravel 5.8 version.

In this laravel tutorial, When we do development, We want to filter some records using laravel inbuild Functions and methods. We would love to share with you many laravel where Function. As we know that laravel provide where, whereDate, whereRaw, whereMonth, whereYear, whereIn, whereNotIn, whereNull, whereNotNull, whereTime, havingRaw, whereBetween, whereNotBetween and laravel pluck.