Nowadays, PHP have several database extensions. In the past, there was only the MySQL extension. Later, MySQLi extension appeared. It enabled developers to write more ???? neat and maintainable code. It had also the power of object-oriented and it was more secure and strongly recommended in its days. Now, we have PDO that literally has it all.

As for each previous version, to upgrade to MySQL 8.0 you must first read the upgrade section in the manual. It’s important to know that you should upgrade without skipping a major version, so upgrade from 5.6 to 8.0 is not supported neither recommended.

I have created a very simple function to filter user input and form which you have to filter all your parameter before adding in MySQL to prevent SQL Injection. If some Hacker try to attack on your website database by SQL Injection then you have this solution to prevent those attacks, this function escape characters with slash like single quotation and double quotation like this \’ ‘\ & \” “\.

In web2py, controllers are located in web2py_folder/applications/YOUR_APPLICATION_FOLDER/controllers. If your application is called bars and you create a new .py file called and add a function in it called view there, this would equal to the following path /bars/snickers/view.

Python is the 2nd most popular language out there according to With it, you can build plenty of things such as desktop apps, games, viruses, you can use it for server-side programming and so on.

The internet is swarming with PHP scripts but when it comes to Social Networking scripts, you can hardly find good ones. The reason for that must be because a social network need hard work for development and penis enlargement it’s very complicated to develop. Luckily, there are some good scripts out there with a small number of free ones. We have brought what we believe that they are the best, mostly used and have the top feedback.

Google supports several Search hacks which gives you more control on search results. There are too many search operators to remember. Also, not all of them are useful all the time.

Are you unable to attract more social shares in spite of sharing compelling content across social media sites? Well, social media has become a great source for websites to drive constant traffic. But if you are not sharing enough visual content that resonates with your users, you are missing out on an opportunity to improve user engagement.

Web development is often thought to be a serious business; therefore, people always look for professional vendors to get their website built in a clean and usable form. These outsourcing business engagement models have their own set of benefits as they offer quality-rich websites within a limited budget. In this blog, I have mentioned about outsourcing PHP development and the advantages one can gain by availing such kind of services.

I have found a very useful code snippet on codepen for eCommerce sites ad to cart fly effect and really loved it so decided to write on that for my readers. Its a jQuery based code and very simple to use giving you a demo and download code for testing so you can easily implement it.