Giveaway of IOTransfer – Light But Powerful iPhone/iPad Manager
Tips & Tricks 03-May-2018

Giveaway of IOTransfer – Light But Powerful iPhone/iPad Manager

If you are a new IOS user or an old IOS user, you will surely need to use IOTransfer to manage your iPhone, iPad or any IOS device you currently using.  Generally it contains all the main features of any IOS managing software with extra features, more simplicity, easier installation steps and a very useful user interface, I will introduce this iPhone/iPad manager  to you showing all the advantages and disadvantages.

I was very interested in trying this new iPhone manager especially after hearing about its release for a while, and the features that are newly introduced in this software astonished me. One of the things I dislike about dealing with iOS devices is the difficulty I face when I want to get some music from my computer or even save some my photos to my PC to release some space,all of these things requires me great effort in addition to some good time as well. But turning all of these boring and tiring steps into one easy click was magical.

Easy Installation

You won’t need a great effort to download and install this iPhone manager, all it takes is some easy steps download it from the website, run the installer and in few minutes everything will be done.

Optimized UI

One of the things I liked in this software is the user interface, everything is clear and easy and I didn’t need to read any instructions on how to use this iPhone manager, all the icons are catchy and very unique.

iOTransfer Optimized UI

One click is enough

Unlike many IOS managers, in this software you don’t need to waste any time nor any effort. When you need to sync any device you only need one click. And you can transfer photos from your computer and the IOS device. You can delete bulk photos from your iPhone or iPad and release some space. One can easily sync music on your computer with your iTunes on your IOS device. You can share your videos, podcasts and movies easily with only one click you won’t suffer anymore with this IOTransfer.

iOTransfer Music

Newly introduced features

There are some great new features in this iPad manager and especially in the latest release, the transferring speed is way improved. And any one whom has used any other IOS managing software would sense the difference in transferring speed. In addition, the stability during the process is improved.  You will not be afraid to lose any files during the sync or even be afraid that whole of the process fails and need you to restart again.

You can now synchronize your favorite Music to your iTunes easily without any effort, with just one click. Now the new release of IOTransfer software supports the latest iOS 10.3.

You can now add your Feedback freely and easily with the improved Feedback module, which is very important in upgrading the software and adding new features based on clients’ opinions. If you are French, this new release from the iPad manger has added French localization. In addition, most of minor bugs have been fixed.

iOTransfer Apps

With all these features, I could not find any problems or disadvantages. Maybe I would like they add the feature of backing up my contacts. And keep astonishing me with their updates for the software.

So my personal Experience with IO Transfer software, the iPhone/iPad manager can be summarized as:

  • The downloading and the installing were very easy and took very short time
  • The User interface was very good, easy to deal with and with a very good minimalistic design.
  • Transferring photos and managing them was very satisfying.
  • Synchronizing my music on computer with my IOTransfer was very easy.
  • Saving my videos, podcasts and notes to my computer. And by doing so you are freeing up some space on mobile.

iOTransfer Videos

I greatly recommend this software to all IOS devices owners and it completely worth buying.

IOTransfer Giveaway

IOTransfer now is offering giveaway where you can free to get IOTransfer Pro license key. Visit the giveaway page here: