Why Angular 2 Is A Better Fit Over React For Enterprise Development?
Angular JS 30-Jun-2017

Why Angular 2 Is A Better Fit Over React For Enterprise Development?

Choosing the right technology for the right job is probably the most challenging aspect of enterprise grade app development that a software developer is confronted with and important at the same time. When you are undertaking front-end development you would frequently come across two technologies quite often – Angular 2 and React. Although the JavaScript landscape is changing at a very fast pace, almost on daily basis, Angular 2 and React are the two big players quite popular among developers.

Angular 2 versus React

Since, Angular 2 is a framework backed by Google and React is a library backed by Facebook, many developers feel that comparing Angular 2 and React is analogous to comparing apples with oranges. But we think that this comparison makes sense as both are front-end UI designing technologies just with different approaches.  Furthermore, for React to get functional parity with Angular 2 we are comparing the latter with React plus all the additional packages such as Redux, React router and Babel.

Angular 2 is more of a product out of the two as it’s set of components are tied together in a way to make it complete whereas for React there are plenty of boilerplates along with number of different application methods and available tools. As a result getting started with React is harder than Angular 2; according to our web development experts, the former offers plenty of options yet no clear direction.

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What turned us down about React

Our developers had amazing time building app in React and they have nothing in particular against it but as you need to depend on the supporting libraries you always cannot rest assured that the experience would be the same all the time. As there is no predefined way in React to structure your app, you would be responsible to find your own ways to manage several parts of your application effectively in the absence of a predefined structure.

Angular 2 experience

Our team of AngularJS specialists always enjoys the app development experience with Angular 2 as it allows applying their knowledge of OOP, best practice architecture and design patterns to the web. Another beauty is that the well thought-out Angular 2 upgrader allows larger enterprise app development projects to be moved to Angular 2 piece by piece. Moreover, our team also likes the dependency injector and the built-in ready-to-use HTTP module. The only downside is the Angular documentation; despite its higher quality many of the Angular 2 modules are superficially touched.

Why Angular 2 emerges as the better fit

The decision is contextual and based on the project needs, technical know-how, preferences and/or experiences of the team handling the project.  Hence, based on our experience working with both the technologies we have realized that Angular 2 is the best fit for most of our clients’ needs. It is has a robust community constantly working towards its improvement which infers it will be consistent and is here to stay for a long time.

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