Open Source Database Now Available in Oracle Cloud
Mysql 20-Sep-2016

Open Source Database Now Available in Oracle Cloud

We're very excited to announce the General Availability of Oracle MySQL Cloud Service!

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service allows you to accelerate innovation and to rapidly, securely and cost-effectively develop & deploy modern applications powered by the world’s most popular open source database.

Built on the proven MySQL Enterprise Edition and powered by the Oracle Cloud, it provides a simple, automated, integrated and enterprise-ready cloud service that enables organizations to deliver MySQL-based applications globally at scale.

Check out the Oracle MySQL Cloud Service video for a rapid overview:

The only public cloud service integrating MySQL Enterprise Edition, Oracle MySQL Cloud Service empowers developers and ISVs with the most comprehensive MySQL offering in the cloud, including advanced features, tools and technical support to accelerate the time to market of new modern applications. Customers benefit from:

  • Automated & Effective Management: Best-in-class Oracle management tools including web-based cloud tooling, MySQL Enterprise Backup, MySQL Enterprise Monitor, MySQL Query Analyzer, MySQL Workbench and integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager reduce administrative efforts and costs.
  • Multi-layered Security: Enterprise-grade security features such as network access control, MySQL Enterprise Firewall, MySQL Enterprise Authentication, MySQL Enterprise Encryption, MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption and MySQL Enterprise Audit help customers achieve regulatory compliance and ensure data is protected against external attacks and misuse of information.
  • Developer Enablement & Integrations: Pre-integration with Oracle Cloud Platform Application Development offerings such as Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Application Container Cloud Service enables developers to quickly spin up a development environment. Pre-integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives them the choice to for example backup data to Oracle Storage Cloud.
  • Global Scalability: Developers & ISVs can instantly scale their applications globally relying on Oracle Cloud. Automated scaling enables users to elastically scale compute and storage resources as well as MySQL replicas. The MySQL Thread Pool provides sustained performance and scalability facing ever increasing user, query and data loads.
  • Hybrid Deployments: Relying on the exact same database platform and tools on premises and in the cloud allows customers to quickly and easily migrate existing applications to the cloud, move workloads between on-premises deployments and the cloud and architect hybrid deployments.
  • Expert Technical Support: Technical support is provided directly by the MySQL experts, backed by the engineers that develop MySQL solutions, to solve customer’s most complex issues and help them make the most of their MySQL deployments. Additionally, Oracle Premier Support gives customers a one-stop support solution for both cloud infrastructure and MySQL related issues.