How To Install PHP on Cloud with FREE Trial
Php 22-Jul-2019

How To Install PHP on Cloud with FREE Trial

Hosting a PHP stack directly on a provider like DigitalOcean is a bit tough for non-technical individuals. You will not be able to get any automated firmware or OS updates; you would have to do it yourself. Yes, the community is quite a friendly, but you have to do all this by yourself, and this means much work. What if you could host it on a reliable cloud server for FREE without going through the hassles of server management? Well, Cloudways is at your service. You not only get to deploy PHP Stack on a Managed Server, but you also get regular updates that keep your server optimized for performance.

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With Cloudways, you can simply skip the hassle part and host your PHP stack on DigitalOcean using Cloudways. The benefits you will be getting by hosting through Cloudways are numerous. I will only be highlighting some of them below:

  • Support for OS
  • Support for firmware
  • Auto Patch updates
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Real-time server performance monitoring
  • Server Scaling
  • 24 Hour Online Support and Live Chat

Moreover, PHP stack provided by Cloudways is optimized by the VMAN technology (Varnish, Memcache, Apache, Nginx). The stack is carefully designed to give the users a super fast and wait free loading times for their websites. It can even be configured with Redis Cache, if required.

Experience PHP Stack with Cloudways on DigitalOcean

Hosting a PHP stack on DigitalOcean is easy only if you are using Cloudways :). It only takes a few clicks and a couple of minutes to host a blazing fast PHP stack on your server of choice. To make all this happen you first need to Signup and get verified on Cloudways. Once done, take this walkthrough on how to host a PHP stack on DigitalOcean.

Let’s get started with the server installation!

Select Cloud

After signing up you will be redirected to the Cloudways server creation page. Here, you need  to select DigitalOcean as your infrastructure provider.


Select Your Application

Cloudways provides a number of applications to host on your dedicated servers. Select PHP Stack from the available options.


Select Server Size

If you know your server size, click on “I know my server size” tab and select the desired server size.


If you are unsure on this option then select “Recommend Me” tab and let Cloudways recommend you the exact server size you need.


Select Location

Select a best suited location for your website. You can select from any of the 7 locations to host your applications on DigitalOcean.



Click the “Launch” button. In few minutes, your fully functional, speedy, and optimized cloud server will be ready with one of the best stacks for PHP. But before all that, always keep in mind to check the price that you will be paying as it is also important.


That’s IT!

Cloudways offers a 14 day FREE Trial on DigitalOcean, hence, all the more reasons to host on one of the the best managed Cloud Hosting Platform. Cloudways always want a win-win situation for it’s users and here is one for you. If you have any issues in the process, then feel free to talk to the Live Chat. They are there for your assistance, 24x7x365. Avail the discount while you can. If you don’t try you won’t know for sure that how accurate these claims are!