Productivity at work - it’s undoubtedly what every business owner strives for; the ability to maximize every hour of every day, expanding your company and improving its service. Try these 10 business hacks to increase your productivity and grow your business. Explore the potential within you.

Microsoft Teams has become an essential product for companies, especially now during the Coronavirus pandemic health crisis. Many people are working from home using tools like Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams for increasing Productivity. Microsoft recently announced a brand-new version of its service.

Cordova is a framework that runs JavaScript apps in a WebView which has additional native extensions, it is called hybrid app. From the beginning of Ionic, Apache Cordova has been an integral part of the project. Ionic is based on Cordova and comes with Angular.

I received lots of tutorial requests from my readers in that most of them asked me, how to use Ionic 5 to create a welcome page with login and signup pages. Ionic updated there code base with latest Angular 8 features. Now we can implement the routes and guards pretty easy way. Ionic is recommending to use Capacitor to generate iOS and Android. This post will explain to you how to design an Ionic project structure with social project related pages like messages, feed, notifications, etc. Finally converting this web Ionic project to iOS and Android applications.

Are you interested to create and publish NPM packages/libraries to enrich Angular functionality? Take a quick look at this post. You can share solutions with other developers. A simple package can solve many problems and resolve the issue quickly. If you are working with multiple applications? Package approach will help you to solve the components problems easily. In this post I have created the Bootstrap confirm functionality package with control options and published it on NPM repository for global use.

Web development technologies have evolved to provide better and efficient production of web solutions. PHP frameworks are one of the key steps towards this end as these frameworks reduce your labor work and minimize the efforts required to perform tasks. These frameworks provide advanced support for programming that boost productivity.

Windows 10 is rolling out to more and more devices everyday, and Microsoft is updating its latest Windows faster than ever, making it better for everyone.

Most of the youngsters love Instagram and they spend more time in it. And people measure their success on Instagram based on the number of followers. And Webmasters focus on social media marketing to increase web traffic as well as sales. Want to Increase followers on Instagram? Then you are in right place.

The news that Magento 1 is shutting down may be new to some of the folks, but it is not. The closure was planned in 2015 when the Magento 2 was launched. However, the Magento 1 users are given ample time to shift to a reliable and secure platform until June 2020.

By default, the Start screen appears whenever we launch Photoshop CC without first selecting an image or document to open along with it. It also appears each time we close out of a document and have no other documents open on the screen. Any recently-opened files appear as thumbnails in the center of the Start screen. Let’s see how to clear recent files in Photoshop CC.