Why Social Media Metrics Are Important To Your Start-Up
Tips & Tricks 05-Jul-2018

Why Social Media Metrics Are Important To Your Start-Up

The first step that every business owner is expected to take before launching a business is developing a business plan. It is regardless of the size or type of the business: probably not different from the tours company you have started. If you are lucky enough to have a good business consultant, he/ she has advised you to grow your business market share by kicking off a social media marketing campaign.

After so much effort to create a website with some help from an experienced web developer, you have your tour site up and running. Social media marketing is such a broad topic that may take days for you to get a deep understanding of and familiarize with its various aspects.

However, a good web developer will always tell you that social media analytics tools, such as a social network checker, is something that you should not leave to chance. Social media analytics tool will give you the information you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level and significantly get your budding business to grow.

It is important to note that the number of shares, tags among other metrics are not just for the sake. Tracking social media metrics and putting them to use, can be very beneficial to your social media campaigns and your business as a whole.

Benefits of social media metrics

Let’s now see some of the key benefits of applying social media metrics in business.

1. Competitor benchmarking

Keeping track of your competitor’s moves can give you ideas that will reap you a competitive advantage. There is a lot to learn from your competition, like how they are using the platform for product and service positioning.

Did you know that by just reading their client’s responses you can be able to identify existing gaps? That might be what you need to be able to identify a potential client base and a means of market penetration.

2. They will help you make the best of your content plan

Social media metrics will give you detailed insight on what the clients like. This way you will be able to point out the type of content that generates more engagement from your audience, among other aspects like the best time to post. You will get all the information you need to enable you to design a content plan that will keep your audience interested.

3. Finding influencers

How do you button down influencers? Well, it is as simple as having your social media analytics tools leading you to influencer data. Social media metrics will enable you to pinpoint influencers that have the most reach. It is beyond reasonable doubt that the right influencers will hugely impact your brand.

4. Save time and money

The last thing you need for your budding business is something that is draining your resources: you have already spent a lot on setting it up. Social media metrics that are centralized will save your money and time.

If you invest in proper social media analytics tools, they will provide metrics that will enable you to create better strategies that will grow your business.