Social Media – Why it is the Perfect Marketing Platform
Tips & Tricks 12-Jul-2018

Social Media – Why it is the Perfect Marketing Platform

In the so-called “good old days”, when family life was solid as the rock the church was built on, business was pretty much your own business and nobody else’s.

Entertainment only stretched as far as the local diner or the Saturday night drive-in movie. Cops had little more to do than reprimand teenagers for making too much noise and children had no choice but to “grow-up-‘good’-and-follow-in-Dad’s-or-Mom’s-footsteps.

What is Business?

Business”, whatever that involved to make sure that the family was well looked after financially, was primarily and traditionally the husband’s territory, and involved a lot of physical and financial input and required a lot of stamina and determination. “Home” involved a more “straight forward approach” and was the domain of the wife/mother… Both of these (business and home) had to be done in complete collaboration with each other for either to succeed. That is precisely why so few people succeeded in properly doing business and why the greatest human potential remained employed by the so-called rich. Home-making was just about the entirety of the scope in terms of opportunity for a woman.

Why Marketing so Important?

Marketing” used to be a highly paid position in any successful corporate institution… In those days, sales persons were among the highest paid individuals in the job market. Oh yes, and everybody had a job. Those who didn’t have jobs were either children, or bosses, or outcasts, simple as that. And the norm was that the employee worked himself into a tiz to enrich the employer even further. “Tradition” or “unspoken rules” had it that the “highest academically qualified” got the highest paid positions and those who couldn’t afford education were doomed to becoming labourers. Forget about becoming an esteemed artist, a successful author or anything else that required ones right brain function to be actively involved… emotion and aptitude counted for nothing…

Well, the internet has changed all those “good old things” for good… and please don’t misunderstand: it is not good family values and rock-solid character that are being “dissed”. Those things still prominently exist globally everywhere in today’s lifestyles and are still the backbone of Society and the number one specification that a good citizen needs to adhere to. Only the pattern has changed, having become less abrasive.

Why is Social Media the perfect Marketing Platform?

Since the inception of Facebook, Google, Twitter and the like, the business concept has been dynamically changing, and it continues to change every day. Global Citizens have caught onto Social Media, and it is here to stay. Social Media today is the first place that the would-be bride frequents to find the perfect wedding dress, or the dog lover consults to find out more about breeding, etc. In fact: if you’re looking for just about anything under the sun, just Google it. Or consult Bing or Yahoo. The world is so much more accessible since technology was handed to us on a tray…

Social Media iPhone

The 2010 movie “The Social Network” gave us some good insight into the world of Social Media… of how all of this came about. Facebook came into being in February 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, about 6 years after Google, and was only 6 years old when the movie came out. And let Mark Zuckerberg be what whoever imagines him to be or prefers him to be, the fact remains that he did us all a tremendous favour… Mark he did it by doing what he loves to do… and purely for that, he deserves the number one spot on the Social Media Platform. And every other social network out there today deserves its specific spot on the global economic grid.

Think about it: as mentioned earlier, Social Media is the first option everybody reverts to when looking for something… anything… and since there are so many social platforms where buyers and sellers get together, one hardly needs to visit a physical store anymore to transact.

Social Media Marketing Platform

Google was pretty much Terra’s first real encounter with Social Media: Not many people in the modern world do not have a clue what Google is. And with your Google account comes a free Gmail address. One of the most prominent and most popular phrases is “Google it!” Almost anything one needs can be found on Google. So who needs to visit a pet shop to find, for example, dog training equipment if they can visit a multitude of online Vet Shops by typing the words “dog training equipment” in their Google search field, and then email the sales department of the online shop? Or simply order online after creating an account?

For those who have an issue with Google, there is always Yahoo or Bing or Firefox, etc. Even Chrome if they want to try out a new browser because Internet Explorer does not do it anymore.

Since Google (and Gmail) came into being, the world has become significantly smaller. Not satisfied with the “fake” dog training equipment available locally? Then let Google help you find “authentics” abroad. Put in an online order, and your shipment arrives within the next few days, if not sooner.

Instead of mailing a letter and paying for handling and shipping, why not use Gmail? Or Yahoo or Yandex? They’re all rivals of each other, so they all have to deliver “state of the art” service.

Messenger Apps

Need to communicate “face to face” with someone abroad? Skype webcam is ready to collaborate with any other webcam to let you onto the front porch of just about any retailer online. Using a telephone is fairly outdated nowadays… and Skype is infinitely cheaper. Or Google Talk,or Facebook’s Messenger, or even WhatsApp, if you don’t like Skype. Instead of using the telephone, you can connect using IM on literally any Social Platform… Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and a whole bunch of other platforms are in stiff competition to try and make life easier for you. Why? Because they make money by doing that – that’s business today.

Basically all expensive steps that once were necessary in setting up ones own business can now be eliminated by using Social Media. Where a shop once had to be built in brick and mortar, it can now be hosted on Social Media (Think Shopify, Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay, Fiverr, Payoneer, etc. And many of these platforms offer a legitimate income to freelancers who do not really care for trade as such. That alone is many peoples’ dream come true.

Internet has become the default for running your own online business. And Social Media makes it so much easier because just about every potential buyer would rather shop online than becoming stressed-out in town. Town has become the focal point for entertainment, and is not so attractive for shopping anymore.

Most people (billions, as a matter of fact) have accounts on more than one or two social networks. The Internet is the marketplace of Modern Society, and Social Media is the Catalyst through which the marketing is taking place. That is why Social Media is the perfect marketing platform. Betipy have created a live infographic called “The Internet in Real Time” which shows you the scale at which these Social Networks operate.

The Internet in Real Time