Tips & Tricks 15-Sep-2016

14 Cool Google Tricks

Google every now and then comes up with easter eggs, which sets this search engine apart from others. These new experiences also give users some sort of relief from their boring work. We have collected 14 of the best Google Tricks for you to have fun with. The list is expected to expand soon. Don’t forget to bookmark this page.

1. Play Tic Tac Toe on Google Search Page


By simply searching for Tic Tac Toe in Google will let you play the Tic Tac Toe game on Google’s search results page. What’s more, you have three difficulty levels to play against Google algorithm, or you can play against your friend.

2. Play Solitaire

If Tic Tac Toe is not the game of your choice, or you are already bored of it, then Google has one more antique game to offer. Just search forSolitaire and you can play that too. It also has 2 difficulty levels.

3. Google Gravity


Want to see the gravity effect on Google? Google Gravity is an experiment that induces gravity in Google and every element falls down to the bottom of the page. You can then pick and through everything on the screen, and guess what!, everything still works. You can still use the search engine and all the search results will fall down as well. Isn’t this cool?

LINK: Google Gravity

4. Playing Pac-Man on Google


On 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man game (May 22, 2010), Google launched the Pac-Man doodle that allowed people to play Pac-Man on the Google’s homepage itself. Millions of fans played the game, and as a result, productivity came to a stand still. If you want to play it, here’s the link.

LINK: Pac-Man

5. Do a Barrel Roll

This is a very old easter egg by Google. The name says it all. If you search for “Do a barrel roll” on Google, it will certainly do a barrel roll for you. If you don’t believe me, just hit the link below.

LINK: Do a Barrel Roll

6. Askew – Tilting Google’s Search Page

Askew, as you would know means “not in a level position”, and Google represents it’s meaning by tilting the search results page. Just search for “askew” or “tilt” and Google will tilt the page to the right.

LINK: Askew

7. Let Me Google That For You

Let Me Google That For You is a web service that instead of giving you the search results, gives you a link to the Google’s search results page with the query you want to do a search for. This link shows you a visual of how you can perform a search on Google and then takes you to the search results page automatically. This is for all those who have people in their family, who don’t know how to do a Google search. This will allow you to search for them, and also teach them how to do a Google search.

LINK: Let Me Google That For You

8. Get a Logo Like Google


If you are a fan of Google’s colorful logo then here’s a good new for you. Goglogo is a web service that allows you to make a logo with any name, and it will create a logo that will have exactly the same look as Google. It uses GIF files, one for each letter you type, and then arranges them to make the letters you typed. If you want to save the Logo, you can do that by taking a screen snapshot.

LINK: Goglogo

9. The Zerg Rush Game

Searching for “zerg rush” on Google will initiate a game where the deadly Google o’s will start to eat all the search results and the other stuff on screen. The only way to save the results is to click on the o’s with your mouse multiple times until they are destroyed. Continue doing that until all of them are killed.

You also get points for killing them. Make sure you kill them fast