Tech-News 17-Aug-2017


In the internet world when we surfing the browser we can see millions of websites, blogs, gaming sites. Websites are categorized as personal resource, travel, education, general internet etc. But if you visit a website that may be useful and interested for you but another one feels that’s not special for him.

Internet is an amazing source and they offer some useful websites for the users. Here we go with the list of 50 unique and useful websites on the internet useful for everyone.

1. Alexa.com – The web information company provides commercial web traffic data for everyone.

2. SpeedTest.net – Easy way to test your broadband speed.

3. Iconfinder – Free Icon search engine.

4. Archive.org – The wayback machine to see how the website looks in the past.

5. Goo.gl – Url shortener from Google. Allows you to track, in real-time, the clicks and referrers. You can see your existing links and avoid duplication.

6. StumbleUpon – Website discovery engine. Collection of best pages on the Internet.

7. About.me – A complete professional page about you.

8. Imgur.com – Worlds greatest image hosting and sharing service.

9. Askboth.com – One search and get results from Google, Bing and Twitter

10. Wolframalpha.com – Computation knowledge engine.

11. Evernote – Save your notes for life time.

12. ResizeYourImage.com – Resize your image, its free and easy.

13. GoogleWebDesigner –  A free and easy tool to create animated, 3 HTML5 Ads in minutes.

14. StatsCrop.com – Free Website Analyzer

15. RankSignals.com – Free Backlink checker, can easily categorize nofollow, dofollow, hot links for your website.

16. WeTransfer.com – Share big files for free and secure. Can send up to 2GB in single time.

17. PrivNote.com – Send notes that will self-destruct after being read.

18. Xmarks.com – A powerful tool to Bookmark, Sync and Search.

19. MyFonts.com – Fonts for prints, products and screens. Determine the font name from an image.

20. Chipin.com – Easy way to collect money for events etc.

21. GTMetrix.com – Check your websites speed.

22. Sleepytyi.me – The Bedtime calculator.

23. Snapito.com – Take full length website screenshots.

24. WordCounterTool.com – Accurate word counter and also can use to test your typing speed.

25. SmallSEOTools.com – Prefect plagiarism checker.

26. OnlineConcersion.com – Convert anything to anything.

27. Plaxo.com – Plaoxo helps you to organize, manage, and access your contacts in one place.

28. MiiCard.com – Your online internet identity.

29. TwitterFeed.com – Create feeds and connect with your Twitter account, Facebook profile or pages and LinkedIn profile.

30. ManageFlitter.com – Advanced Twitter profile management tool.

31. Paper.li – News curation platform. Become a news publisher with paper.li and Twitter.

32. Ustream.tv – Worlds best and easiest way to stream live video.

33. Join.me – Free screen sharing with anyone on the web.

34. IMDb.com – Specially for movie lovers. To find who has been in which film and what the name of that actor is.

35. TypingWeb.com – Learn to type. Free typing tutor and lessons.

36. TwitLonger.com – Send tweets longer than 140 characters.

37. TwitterSpirit.com – Set an expiration date or time to your Twitter tweets.

38. Zamzar.com – Online file conversion site that works for hundreds of formats.

39. Google Translate –  Translate texts just typing or as document.

40. Vocaroo.com – Simple online voice recorder and you can download in different formats.

41. Cutmp3.net – Easily cut MP3 files online.

42. Similarsites.com – Find similar websites that you liked.

43. HootSuite.com – Manage multiple social networks from a single dashboard.

44. Quora.com – Source for knowledge. Question and Answer Website.

45. LeanDomainSearch.com – Domain searching tool that helps users to find their favorite domains related domains easily with one click. Lean Domain Search shows thousands of related domains that are available to register.

46. PayPal – Worlds faster and secure online money transferring system. Pay and get paid.

47. Who.is – Find information on any domain name or website.

48. PeekYou.com – Free people search engine. To find your friends other Social Network profiles by username, first name or last name.

49. Safeweb.norton.com – Is your website? Look up a site and get rating.

50. Unfurlr.com – Find the original link behind the short link.

51. Dead Simple Screen Sharing + Audio conferencing – Dead Simple Screen Sharing is a Simple and Free Screen Sharing and Audio conferencing solution