MySQL Group Replication : It’s in 5.7.17 GA!
Tech-News 13-Dec-2016

MySQL Group Replication : It’s in 5.7.17 GA!

Extremely exciting news! A big day today. In case you have missed it, MySQL Group Replication has made it into the MySQL 5.7.17 release. Thus, it is now GA.

The MySQL Group Replication feature is a multi-master update anywhere replication plugin  for MySQL with built-in conflict detection and resolution, automatic distributed recovery, and group membership. You can read more about it in the online manual.

A lot has been said about it before. It has been previewed several times (e.g. here and here), presented at multiple conferences and meet ups (e.g., herehere and here),  demonstrated on several occasions through hands-on tutorials and labs sessions (e.g., here and here), and even detailed deeply by the engineers behind the feature (e.g., here) . And well, if you ask me, this is only the beginning, since now there are even more interesting new possibilities to grow MySQL Replication.

But this post is not about the Group Replication technology itself, but rather about this major milestone. It is with extreme joy that the team is celebrating this GA release and is happy to share it with all the MySQL users out there.


A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this project! A special acknowledgement to those in the MySQL community that took the time to download the  labs releases, use and test them and then sent feedback back to the development team. You are part of this too!

Finally, we would like to remember our dear late friend and colleague Astha Pareek who contributed from day one to the success of this project. This is her achievement as well. Like I have already said before, we miss her kindness and cheerful mood everyday.