10 Business Hacks to Increase Your Productivity & Grow
Tech-News 02-Jul-2020

10 Business Hacks to Increase Your Productivity & Grow

Productivity at work - it’s undoubtedly what every business owner strives for; the ability to maximize every hour of every day, expanding your company and improving its service.

Try these 10 business hacks to increase your productivity and grow your business. Explore the potential within you.

10 Business Hacks to Increase Productivity and Grow Your Business
It's quite simple to grow your business if you follow these Productivity ideas. 

1. Where possible, automate

For many years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) promised a glittering, automated future; thanks to evolving technology, AI is now finally bearing fruit allowing the automation of many business processes to streamline operations. Explore the potential for automating tasks within your company, to free up more of your time. 

2. Outsource your social profile

Outsource your social profile

Your presence online is more important than ever but having an effective social profile takes considerable time and effort. Rather than wasting time trying to decipher the world of online promotions, consider outsourcing your social media brandingadvertising and marketing to a specialist agency. It will save you considerable time in the long run. Social marketing agencies can look after all your social media accounts, posting regular, interesting content on your behalf.

3. Invest in protecting your files and IT infrastructure

The lifeblood of most companies these days is the IT infrastructure. IT networks influence all aspects of a company’s ability for effective business communication processes. It’s not worth taking risks with your IT network. Instead, look at outsourcing your network upkeep, and security to a trusted IT management resource like Techware Corporation.

4. Get an online accountant

These days, the vast majority of accounting processes can be handled perfectly well using small business accounting apps. Unless you’re a huge company with a large workforce and multiple concerns, most companies only need to hire an accountant for final, end of year tax accounting.

5. Outsource your customer support

Customer Support

Customer support is time-consuming – however, it’s also vital in terms of maintaining your reputation. Rather than being bogged down with customer support calls and emails, consider outsourcing the first stage of support communications to a third party who will look after the front-facing side of inquiries, before passing the critical details on to you.

6. Delegate

One of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner is being able to identify when it’s best to hand a task to someone else. There is a temptation to try and handle all aspects of running your business, yourself. In reality, this is counter-productive and ultimately eats valuable time – time that you could be spending on other, more critical tasks. Learn to delegate to maximize efficiency.

7. Plan your day and split it into chunks

Running your own company normally means wearing many hats at once. While this is an essential part of your role, jumping from task to task often destroys productivity. Rather than allowing yourself to be distracted, it’s better to try and plan your day, splitting it into manageable tasks and allocating time for each.

8. Learn to Prioritize

Sometimes it can seem all your tasks are of equal importance, but if you take a minute to analyze them with a clear head, it soon becomes clear some are more critical than others. While you’re planning your day, also try to list tasks in terms of their importance – so you have a clear idea of what needs to be done and in what order.

Advantages of Priority Setting and To-Do List

Advantages of To-Do List

    You won't forget your task
    Gives clear focus
    Tackle Important Job First
    You won't get stressed

9. Remember, you’re only as good as your last job

In business, every relationship is valuable. Very often, the smallest job you do can end up, resulting in repeat work or recommendations to other companies. Remember, to treat each client (big or small) with the same level of care and attention. You just don’t know where the work might lead.

10. Look after yourself

Your health, well-being and happiness are more relevant to your company’s success than any other factor. If you’re on-point, well-rested and have a generally positive disposition, the rest will almost always fall into place naturally. Looking after yourself is key to performing at your best and making a successful job of everything you do.

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I think we have covered most of the important business hacks to increase productivity and spirit. 

With these implementations, you can see strong business growth.