Laravel 7 Install Vue JS Example Tutorial
Laravel 07-Jan-2021

Laravel 7 Install Vue JS Example Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install vue js in laravel 7 application. As well as how to add the auth scaffolding in your laravel apps.

This tutorial will guide you step by step from scratch on how to install Vue js in laravel 7.

How to install Vue JS in Laravel 7

Follow the following steps and install vue js in laravel 7 apps:

Step 1: Download Laravel Fresh Setup

First of all, use the following command to install or download the fresh laravel setup in your system:

composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

Step 2: Install Laravel UI Package

Use the following command to install laravel ui composer package:

composer require laravel/ui

After successfully installed laravel UI package. You need to move the next step.

Step 3: Adding Vue to Laravel App

Go back and open your terminal and run the following artisan commands:

Install Vue

php artisan ui vue

This command will install vue into your laravel app.

Install Vue with auth

If you want to add the auth scaffolding, you can use the following command as follow:

php artisan ui vue --auth

Step 4: Installing Vue.js Dependencies

Now, you also need to install the Vue.js dependencies from npm using the following command:

Install NPM

npm install


npm run dev

Note that, You have already installed node and npm in your system for the above-given npm commands.