6 Ways To Download Torrent Files With IDM [Video Tutorial]
Tips & Tricks 01-Jun-2018

6 Ways To Download Torrent Files With IDM [Video Tutorial]

Torrents have become an indispensable resource to download any kind of file, be it movies, games, music or photos. But downloading them with torrent clients can become cumbersome sometimes. This is because most institutions block these clients from accessing the internet. Even the ISPs throttle their speed, and downloading torrents with limited speed is not a good routine to follow. This is why I have gathered many ways to download torrents with IDM.

Benefits Of Downloading Torrent Files With IDM

There are many benefits of using IDM over torrent clients to download torrent files. I have listed some of them below.

  1. No Torrent Health Or Seeders Issues: Downloading speed of torrent files depend on the health of the torrent. The health further depends on the number of people who are downloading (leechers) and the people who are uploading (seeders) the torrent. The speed also depends on the connection speed of the leechers and seeders, and your own connection speed. Downloading torrent files with IDM resolves all these issues, and the download speed will only depend on your connection.
  2. No Additional Torrent Client Required: Most of us use IDM to download content from the web. Installing the torrent client specifically for downloading torrents may not appeal as a good idea to some of us.
  3. No Blocking: Most institutions, colleges, universities and offices block access to the Internet by these torrent clients. There is very less you can do to pass these torrent clients from the firewalls. So downloading torrents with IDM is your best bet in these situations.
  4. Download Torrents To Dropbox Or Other Cloud Sharing Service: There are services that allow you to download torrent files directly to your Dropbox or other cloud storage accounts. With this, you can download the files whenever you want to, either by IDM or by syncing your cloud storage account with your PC.
  5. Anonymity: When you download torrents with torrent clients, your IP is shared with all the other downloaders and uploaders. If you are serious about privacy and online risks, you should always use IDM to download torrent files whenever possible.
  6. No Throttling: No ISP throttles the speed of http connections. So you can download torrent file with maximum possible speed.

    Disadvantages Of Downloading Torrent Files With IDM

    There is only one disadvantage of this method and that is you can not choose the files that you want to download. Since most of the times we want to download the all the files and the folders, this is not a major concern.


    How To Download Torrent Files With IDM

    There are many free and premium web services that convert torrent files to direct links and then you can download those direct links with IDM. I will explain all the services briefly which will help you decide which service you need to use and when.


    1. Download Torrent Files With IDM Using Zbigz

    Zbigz is my personal favorite when it comes to downloading torrent files with IDM. This is the result of many benefits it offers in comparison to the other related services.

    Features Of Zbigz (Free Account)

  7. Download Speed: The free account of Zbigz gives a maximum download speed of 150 Kbps. The 150 Kbps speed limit will not be a limitation for most of us.
  8. Maximum Size Of Torrent File: The maximum size of the torrent file is limited to 1GB. If you want to download torrent files larger than that, you can go with the premium option.
  9. Number of Simultaneous Downloads: You can download only 2 files simultaneously with a free account of Zbigz.
  10. Storing Torrents: You can only store two torrents on Zbigz. This is not a problem because you won’t need to store converted torrent files on Zbigz after you download them.
  11. Visible Ads: Ads are not an issue, we are not going to use the website for much time. Presence of ads won’t hamper our work.
  12. Zbigz-plans

    How To Download Torrent Files With IDM Using Zbigz

    Doing this is super easy. I already explained about converting torrents to direct links with Zbigz. In a nutshell:

  13. Upload the torrent file to Zbigz or give the URL of the torrent file on the web.
  14. The Zbigz servers will cache the torrent files and the service will give you a direct link to the cached file.
  15. This file can then be downloaded using IDM or any download manager.
  16. Video: How To Download Torrent Files With IDM

    The main benefit of downloading torrent files with IDM lies in the fact that these services have servers that cache torrents at speeds many times faster than our internet connection. This way, they cache torrents even if the torrent has fewer uploaders.


    2. Using Furk.net

    Similar to Zbigz, Furk.net is another website that lets you convert and download torrent files with IDM, but with a little more limitations. It lets you download only 1GB of files per day and 5GB of files per week. Moreover, you can only get registered if you have an invitation code, only people who sign up with their Facebook account don’t require that.

    LINK: Furk.net


    3. Putdrive (Paid)

    Putdrive is a premium service that converts torrents to direct links. It earlier offered a free plan but not now. You can get files from more than 85 hosters and save them in any of your cloud storage account you want. Downloading torrent files with IDM is also very easy. Just upload the .torrent file and you will get the direct link to download the file. You can also ask the service to upload it to any of your online storage accounts. The torrents are downloaded anonymously without leaking any of your information in the process.


    Putdrive is a little costly and the minimum plan costs you 9.99 European Euro. This plan gives you downloading of files up to 2TB within 30 days and 100GB of free cloud storage by Ozibox.

    LINK: Putdrive


    4. put.io

    Put.io is another service that lets you download torrents without any torrent client. Its main benefit is that it has dozens of integrations with other services that will let you access the files wherever and whenever you want, be it on your Phone, or using an FTP client, or in your browser. It has built-in subtitles support and is Roku ready.

    put.io has plans starting at $0.99 per day with 50 GBs of storage space and with a storage of 10 torrent files. There are many plans available which can be subscribed for daily, monthly or yearly duration.

    LINK: put.io


    5. Boxopus

    Boxopus earlier used to automatically upload all the torrent files to your Dropbox account. But this functionality is no longer available now, but the thing we require is available though. We can still convert torrent files to direct HTTP links and download them using IDM.

    The bandwidth system of Boxopus is a little different from regular web service. It gives you a 2.5 GB of bandwidth, which increases at the rate of 50 MB per hour. That means a maximum torrent file of 2.5 GB can be downloaded with Boxopus. If you run out of bandwidth, just wait for sometime and your account will keep recharging at 50 MB/s.

    LINK: Boxopus


    6. Quick Torrent (Premium)

    You can also download torrents with IDM using Quick Torrent, a web service that converts torrents to direct links. It is only a premium service and has no free version. You can grab the service at a minimum price of $19.9/10GB.

    LINK: Quick Torrent