6 Reasons Why Laravel PHP Framework Is The Best For Web Development
Php 21-Oct-2016

6 Reasons Why Laravel PHP Framework Is The Best For Web Development

Are you thinking of using PHP for your next web development project? If so, which PHP platform should you use? If you are a web developer you probably know about “Laravel” and the rest of this blog post will reinforce what you already know. If not, keep reading this article.

The open source PHP framework of Laravel has all the bells and whistles that include expressive and elegant syntax that makes for simple and fast web development. Its reliability is good and the developer’s community really support it. So why go with Laravel? How will it help you maximize productivity of your web development?

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1. Quick Emergence: Because of Laravel’s ability to deal with huge web development projects, quite a few PHP development companies have started using it. Google trends indicate that among web developers, Laravel is the most in demand PHP framework. Look at the comparison trends among the various web development PHP frameworks.

2. Open Source: The free web application PHP framework can easily develop huge and complicated web applications while having code maintainability.

3. Template engine: Laravel’s lightweight templates have the ability to build outstanding layouts that include dynamic content seeding. It includes a variety of widgets that have CSS and JS code with solid structures. The web templates in these frameworks are built for uncomplicated webpage design with separate areas.

4. Modular: Laravel is constructed on over 20 different libraries which are further divided into separate modules. Modern PHP principles are used and developers can build responsive, modular web applications that are user- friendly.

5. MVC Architecture Support: It uses MVC pattern which ensures clarity between logic and presentation. The performance is increased because of the architecture and this allows for better documentation and includes a number of built-in applications.

6. Libraries and configuration: It facilitates several development settings and self-adjusts depending on the proper platform in which application is operating. This is possible due to the incorporated authorization libraries, that come with an auto complete feature that is not available on other leading frameworks.

Are you a developer who would like to learn more about this PHP framework? Visit and join the community of Laravel developers. This is your opportunity to use Laravel to impress your clients using the newest PHP development technology. SA’s specialty is responsive website design driven by PHP. Keep in touch for your upcoming projects.