Jquery 21-Sep-2016

Reset All Field using JQUERY in asp.net

  1. Take a reference of latest jQuery in your source. I am using jquery-1.10.2.js in my example.
  2. In the form tag of your Web form add your controls which you would like to use in the page.
  3. Simply Copy and Paste the below code in the script tag :


 <script type="text/javascript">
        function resetFields(form) {
            $(':input', form).each(function() {
                var type = this.type;
                var tag = this.tagName.toLowerCase(); // normalize case
                // to reset the value attr of text inputs,
                // password inputs, fileUpload and textareas
                if (type == 'text' || type == 'password' || tag == 'textarea' || type=='file')
                    this.value = "";
                // checkboxes and radios need to have their checked state cleared                
                else if (type == 'checkbox' || type == 'radio')
                    this.checked = false;
                // select elements need to have their 'selectedIndex' property set to -1
                // (this works for both single and multiple select elements)
                else if (tag == 'select')
                    this.selectedIndex = 0;