AngularJS vs jQuery – What Are The Major Differences?
Jquery 16-Sep-2016

AngularJS vs jQuery – What Are The Major Differences?


jQuery comes with so many features. The API provided by jQuery works well with almost all the browsers. If you want to do the HTML document manipulation and traversal, jQuery is perfect for it. Animation, event handling etc. can also benefit from jQuery. Ajax is another thing that benefits by the presence of jQuery as it makes it simpler. If you wish to manipulate the content of a web page, you can easily rely on jQuery.

  • jQuery makes it easy to use JavaScript.
  • It is fast and lightweight.
  • It allows you to go for attractive styles for UI.
  • It allows you to call functionalities as methods wherever you want.
  • It simplifies many complicated things attached to JavaScript – e.g. Ajax calls.
  • DOM manipulations are a lot easier with the help of jQuery.
  • jQuery library has so many great features, including CSS manipulation.
  • Without altering the structure of the website, you can implement several things with the help of jQuery.


It’s a JavaScript based framework. You can easily add the framework to HTML documents. Directives make HTML attributes lot richer. With the help of Expressions, you can bind date to HTML. Or in other words, it allows HTML to have new exciting attributes. One can say that Angular JS works like a sophisticated layer. And this layer even tops jQuery. You can easily add MVC concepts to the projects with the help of Angular JS.

  • It provides many exciting features including data-binding when it comes to web-applications.
  • It’s an open source framework which is based on MVC, which we have already explained.
  • As explained before, it covers the jQuery structure. Angular JS can use jQuery for its own DOM manipulations. This will make it lot exciting to develop new applications.
  • Angular JS is a complete framework. As a result, it has become a lot more flexible to create web applications.
  • You can call Angular JS a toolbox as it is a mix of various related tools. Many problems in programming can be effectively solved with the help of these toolboxes.
  • JavaScript is the core of Angular JS as it is written in JS. As a result, you can easily incorporate it on a website with a simple script tag.
  • When it comes to web applications, 2-way binding is made possible with the help of Angular JS.

As far as choosing between Angular JS and jQuery, it always depends on the nature of the application. If we are talking about a complex application, then Angular JS is the best otherwise go with jQuery.