10 Commendable jQuery Books For Novice & Expert Web Developers
Jquery 28-Nov-2016

10 Commendable jQuery Books For Novice & Expert Web Developers

jQuery is a lightweight and fast, open source JavaScript library that makes myriads of web development tasks easier with an effective and efficient API. This API runs seamlessly and smoothly on a range of browsers.


Today, jQuery has garnered an immense popularity across the earth, and it has become a much sought after choice for a number of web developers. It facilitates client-side web development via CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

There are several web projects that are powered by jQuery. Observing its huge popularity and brilliant offerings, students are seeking their career in the web development via jQuery. If you are also interested in learning jQuery, fortunately, you can find a list of useful audio, video or textual tutorials on the Internet. While keeping the fact that many of you will prefer learning through a book, I have enlisted a few of the handpicked books that make a great choice for learning jQuery.

Let’s explore the list.

  1. jQuery Ebook

It is a fabulous reference book that comprises a range of documentation with resourceful examples. It has a number of examples, tips and tricks that make it easier for one to learn jQuery. Moreover, this ebook also enlightens Ajax, PHP and CSS development.

jQuery Ebook

  1. Head First jQuery (Brain-Friendly Guides)

The Head First jQuery is another fantastic book from Head First series that makes jQuery learning a breeze with a set of quality exercises. All the included examples are similar to real life projects, and thus, aid web development in a great fashion.

Head First jQuery (Brain-Friendly Guides)

  1. jQuery in Action


You can take your JavaScript programming skills to a next level by expediently learning jQuery. It offers an in depth knowledge about the jQuery and jQuery UI releases. You will definitely enjoy learning via this useful book.

jQuery in Action

  1. jQuery Fundamental

jQuery Fundamental offers a great guide to the fundamentals of jQuery. Its each chapter includes interactive examples that help one resolve common problems with a flair. If you are new to the web development and interested in learning jQuery, this book offers an invaluable choice.

jQuery Fundamental

  1. Learning jQuery Deferred

It is one of the best selling books written by Terry Jones and Nicholas H. Trollervey. It makes learning a fun, as it includes a number of stimulating puzzles with which you can easily learn the best way to implement deferreds. This book also includes solutions to the featured puzzles.

Learning jQuery Deferred

  1. JavaScript & jQuery – The Missing Manual

You can learn to create highly interactive web pages by embedding rich visuals with this amazing book. All the information is well-written in an easy-to-understand language that makes it a prime choice for many aspirants. It includes various chapters that make it easier to design captivating web solutions. By reading this book thoroughly, you can proficiently develop intuitive and impressive web projects.

JavaScript & jQuery – The Missing Manual

  1. jQuery A Beginner’s Guide

This book offers an insight into the fundamentals of plugin development, Ajax and jQuery. It shares simplified coding to augment cross-browsers web development. You can also learn how to create aesthetic animations and visual effects.

jQuery A Beginner's Guide

  1. JavaScript Design Patterns

This book is designed for experts who further want to enhance their skills. This excellent book shares a great knowledge about various design patterns and the way to implement them in the JavaScript programming.

JavaScript Design Patterns

  1. jQuery: Novice to Ninja – New Kicks and Tricks

Written by Earle Castledine and Craig Sharkie, this excellent book has several editions. It features best practices to implement JavaScript and impressively share insightful details. However, the title suggests that it will make you an expert from a novice, but you will need to get well versed with a lot of jQuery coding skills beforehand.

jQuery Novice to Ninja – New Kicks and Tricks

  1. jQuery Cookbook

You will get a great knowledge about using rich web fonts in an easier and effective fashion. It offers an awesome way to learn web UI designing. While offering an easy web development, it also facilitates application development, and component development with ease.

jQuery Cookbook


This is the list of 10 most recommended books for learning jQuery. If you are a novice, and want to learn jQuery from the beginning, or if you are an expert, and want to polish your jQuery web development skills further, these books make a valuable choice. You can go through their reviews and choose a suitable one.