9 Tricks and Tips to Search Google Like a Pro
Tips & Tricks 10-Mar-2022

9 Tricks and Tips to Search Google Like a Pro

It seems like hardly a day passes without someone searching for something on Google. Google is a huge force in the search engine market. It is the default search engine for Android devices and web browsers such as Chrome. Google is now the most popular online search engine to find anything, from random facts and music videos to services and products.

Google has been easy to use since its inception. Google’s home page only has one field for searching and one button to perform a search. This simplicity is beautiful, but many people don’t realize that Google search is more complicated than just typing in a query or search phrase. We are not referring to Google’s search algorithm. Instead, we will be discussing how users can use the search functions of Google.

Over the years, Google’s algorithm has been updated to provide the most relevant and useful search results for specific search queries. The results almost always match the query that users enter even if they do a simple search. Google also offers ways for users to further refine their search, making the results more relevant to their original query.

These tips and sophisticated Google search techniques can help you reduce the number of search results.

1. Search Within A Website

While some websites may have an internal search function, others do not. You can still search within a website through Google by entering site:website.com followed by your search query.


google site

2. URL Words

Search for pages that contain all your terms. Enter allinurl and then add your search query with no spaces.

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allinurl:learn PHP and MySQL

google allinurl

3. Looking for links to a website?

Enter link and the URL to search for websites that link to a particular website. You will get search results that contain links to the website that you have entered in your query.


google link

4. Asterisk *

To fill in missing words or phrases like:

How to integrate * in PHP

google asteric

5. Quotation

To search for words and phrases such as :, “” can be used.

"How to learn PHP"

google doubble quotation

6. Similar:

Related: can be used to refer to websites that are similar to others, such as this site.


google related

7. Timer

Google allows you to pull up a timer by entering a number of hours followed by the term timer.

5 minute timer

google timer

8. Stopwatch

Google also allows you to pull up a stopwatch by simply typing stopwatch.


google stopwatch

9. Weather

By entering weather and followed by a location, you can quickly obtain a detailed weather report including current conditions, forecast, and forecast.

weather Karachi

google weather


These tips were helpful, I hope. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section.

Thank you for reading. See you next time.