PDF Unlocker Tool : Best way to Unlock a Secured PDF
Tips & Tricks 15-Sep-2016

PDF Unlocker Tool : Best way to Unlock a Secured PDF

Is your PDF restricted from printing? Or it is not allowing you for editing, extracting and copying the contents from Adobe Acrobat PDF files?

No need to think about that any more. We are here with the best PDF Unlocker tool which can easily allow you to unlock the PDF file, and let you to print, edit, extract and copy the contents from the file.

SysTools PDF Unlocker is the most efficient tool to remove securities from the PDF files, and remove the owner level password as well as the user level password from the PDF file. Owner level password allow users to go through the document but don’t let the unauthorized users to edit, extract, copy, or print the data of the PDF files. These are protected by owner passwords. However, user level password are the password restrict the user to access the PDF files without entering the password. It always prompt the user to enter the password whenever the file is opened. We can be remove it by providing the respective password and disabling the lock by clicking on the Unlock PDF menu option present in the tool. Therefore the tool plays the role of mediator between users and the file.

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  • Simple and easy to understand GUI for every users.
  • Self defining Steps
  • No technical expertise required.


  • Personal License
  • Business License
  • Enterprise License

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS Platform: Windows 10 and earlier versions
  • Required Processor: 1 GHz processor
  • RAM: 512 MB but 1 GB is recommended
  • Free Hard disk space: 10 MB

Software Specifications:

  • Version: 3.2
  • File Size: 2.8 MB
  • Encryption: 128/256 bit
  • Supports: Adobe Acrobat X & below versions
  • Application Pre-Requisites: Run as Administrator
  • Price: $29

Key Features of Tools:

  • Removes restrictions from batch PDF files with Business or Enterprise license.
  • Unlock password protected PDF files.
  • Adobe Acrobat installation is not required to unlock the PDF. However to preview the PDF file respective tool is needed.
  • Same content like the original file i.e no change in the original content.
  • Permission to preview the PDF files before unlocking.
  • Permits to directly print the unlocked PDF files.
  • Lighter and less hard disk space is occupied.
  • Product just require normal computer or laptop having standard configuration.

User’s Expectations feedback:

Expectations Result
Remove PDF restrictions Yes
Batch Processing of PDF files No (in personal licence)
Change in Original files Yes
Support corrupt PDF files No
Security maintenance while processing files Yes
Preview recovered PDF files Yes
Unlock password protected PDF files Yes


  • Demo Version: Removes PDF file restriction and save it on PCs, but will have developer’s watermark on the newly recovered PDF file.
  • Full Version: Recover limitless locked PDF files and save it on PCs, no image or watermark will appear on the recovered file.

Steps to Unlock a secured PDF Files:

  • Download and install SysTools PDF Unlocker Tool.
  • Open the PDF Unlocker Tool and click on “Unlock PDF”.

SysTools PDF Unlocker Tool

  • Click on “Browse” to open the secured PDF file from the source path.


  • Choose the PDF file and Click on “Open” to select the file.
  • It takes some time to analyse the PDF document permissions.
  • Click Browse to select the File destination to save the file.
  • Now click on Unlock PDF to initialize the process of unlocking & removing the PDF file restrictions.
  • Click on OK to when a dialog box pops up to notify the successful unlocking of secured PDF.
  • Now the Tool will draw the comparison of Before & After unlocking.


The tool is very much efficient and user friendly to unlock, and preview the PDF files. Save your time and can easily remove the PDF restrictions.On coming to the drawbacks of the tool, we can say that it has two drawbacks. In Personal License, batch processing option is not there. It is an advance approach to unlock secured PDF files. First of all, it is easy to operate and all the steps to perform the unlocking process and retrieving the data are so simple that anyone can do it easily. It is also worth appreciable that the result is completely reliable and outstanding.