MailxEngine - A True Solution for Email Verification and to Maintain a Clean Email Database
Tips & Tricks 26-Dec-2017

MailxEngine - A True Solution for Email Verification and to Maintain a Clean Email Database

MailXEngine is a simple tool for verifying an email address. It ensures you to send email to real users, thereby reduce your bounce rate & reputation, improve email deliverability and save money with MailXEngine. Email is the first line of communication for any digital marketing and online marketers. More the number of invalid emails you have on the email list, more the number of spam complaints, decreased email deliverability and you should even face a higher bounce rate every time. MailxEngine is all here for this as a trusted solution. It increases email deliverability by reducing spam complaints and controlling bounce rate.

Introducing to you all one of my products, MailxEngine. Here is a small explanation, why I made this product. There are providers like Amazon SES and Godaddy, etc., who sell SMTP servers. Bounced emails cause damage to you and to your service provider, so it’s important to keep bounce rate as low as possible. If the bounce rate is high, your account could be temporarily suspended by the service provider which in turn causes you a heavy damage. For this not to happen, everyone should maintain their bounce rate as low as possible.

MailxEngine helps you to reduce this bounce rate. It helps you to update and clean regularly to maintain a responsive contact list. This is one of the inexpensive product available in the market for an accurate email verification. Hope you all make use of it..!

Why you should have Email Verification?
To reach more and more customers, a company needs a database of accurate and valid email addresses. A proper email verification allows the company to send messages to the inboxes of the subscribers and also reduce its bounce rate. This success rate in sending emails, in turn, helps in improving the performance of any organization.

"Improve Your Email Open Rates To Reach The Maximum Number Of Customers Using MailxEngine."

How MailXEngine helps you in Email Verification?
MailXEngine is in fact designed to reach more customers. Its usability

  • Check email addresses for validity and deliverability
  • Reduce spam complaints
  • Identify undeliverable and invalid emails from the list
  • Reduce bounce rate

How MailXEngine works?
Have a look at the below video to see how MailXEngine actually works.

Two solutions provided by MailxEngine?

  • Bulk Email Verification

Verify email addresses in bulk by simply uploading a CSV file. This allows you to upload a list of email addresses and do the email verification.

  • Single Email Verification for API Developers

A developer is allowed to validate a single email directly through the API.

"MailxEngine Is The Right Choice For Email Verification."

Features of MailxEngine

  • Highest Accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Lowest pricing with no monthly charges
  • Fastest processing time
  • Get the support if necessary