Fix Sidebar View Missing in TextWrangler in Mac OS X
Tips & Tricks 24-May-2018

Fix Sidebar View Missing in TextWrangler in Mac OS X

A good text editor can greatly improve your productivity and TextWrangler is a Mac OS X word processor that certainly seems fit for the job. The app come with a minimalist design. No doubt, TextWrangler is a great tool for writing, editing and transforming text.

TextWrangler is a freeware text editor for Mac users. TextWrangler is a powerful editor software which comes with great text editing tool for Programmers and normal Mac users.

I mainly use TextWrangler to edit PHP codes to customize the WordPress themes.

Organized user interface

This user friendly text editors adds a panel to the left side of the main window where you can view a list of all opened files and the recently edited documents. This way you can easily switch between your projects and to the editing job.

The main area is reserved for the text content, while the bottom toolbar displays details about your file. Of course, most of the TextWrangler capabilities can be accessed via the app’s menus.

Fix Sidebar View Missing Option in TextWrangler

  • Just launch TextWrangler application
  • Goto Menu Bar
  • Click View
  • And Select “Show Files” option (Shortcut: ?0) | Check: Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

TextWrangler Sideview Show Files

  • Now you can see the “Sidebar View” which displays currently open Documents and Recent Documents.

Finally, you have fixed the Sidebar view missing in TextWrangler in Mac OS X.

Key Features of “TextWrangler”:

  • Powerful single and multi-file search & replace
  • Programmer’s Text Editor
  • Extensive text manipulation capabilities
  • Rich featured text editor with great search and replace options
  • Syntax coloring and function navigation for ANSI C, C++, Fortran, Java, Object Pascal, Objective-C, Perl, Python, Rez, Ruby, Tcl, TeX, and Unix shell scripts.
  • Splittable editing windows
  • Unix And Server Administrator’s Tool
  • Powerful Text Transformer And Manipulator
  • Product developed in the best traditions of Bare Bones Software.
  • It comes with high performance, ease of use, a rich feature set, and the ability to read its own release notes.

To conclude, the plethora of tools and functions packed within TextWrangler will certainly make the application a great addition to your software collection.