Cloudways redefines hosting for PHP websites with their new platform [1 month free offer]
Tips & Tricks 22-Oct-2016

Cloudways redefines hosting for PHP websites with their new platform [1 month free offer]

PHP is an open source HTML embedded scripting language. Much of its syntax is a combination of different programming languages such as C, Java, and Perl, incorporating a number of unique custom designed PHP functions. Though its usage like any other coding languages is diverse, however, it is commonly used by web developers to write codes for dynamic website pages swiftly. It is itself a recursive acronym which stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. Feel free to enlighten yourself with the information on Recursive acronyms.

Since, the beginning of time, PHP is being debugged in order to give developers a better and unique platform to code on. They have customized it and have added a number of shortcodes to simplify the coding processes. With each successive version updates of PHP, its usability has drastically expanded from web pages to mobile platforms and now the cloud. The current latest update that the PHP released this year is PHP 7, giving users an incredible performance experience all due to the newest version of Zend Engine IIIcodenamed PHPNG (PHP Next Generation).

Zend Engine III is an interpreter. It is an open-source scripting engine that allows users to understand complex coding. It works on a highly optimized modular back-end that can also be used for applications outside PHP. It provides memory, resource management, and multiple other services. It simply organizes the codes of PHP to give incremented performance, high reliability, and extensibility.

How Cloud Is the Perfect Hosting Solution for You

Previously websites based on PHP applications were launched over the internet through traditional hosting patterns which encompass Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, etc. But with Cloud technology things have drastically revolutionized. Cloud environment offers an individual to host their website not on a single server but a number of interconnected servers acting as one giving an optimized server performance. The complexity of facing downtime is minimized to a high extent.

Now, in order to host your PHP based application on Cloud, you require a good hosting platform. One can find a number of hosting platforms in the market, however, the best solution is one that offers you a single pricing solution, number of additional features and transparency to server and application level management.

Choosing Cloudways

With so many names coming to the forefront, Cloudways – A Managed Cloud PHP Hosting Platform is one such hosting platform that offers a perfect hosting solution for your PHP based applications. Cloudways is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) which lets you host a number of PHP applications through a single click. Irrespective of the size of your business, with Cloudways, you can easily manage your website with ease.

So why choose Cloudways in comparison to other multiple hosting platforms in the world? The answer is simple… Cloudways offers customers a single click solution to host their desired PHP application on any of the four major cloud infrastructure providers – DigitalOcean, Amazon, Google Cloud and Vultr. The core attribute of Cloudways technology is its highly optimized stack of web servers and caching technologies called the ThunderStack which incorporates Nginx, Varnish, Memcached and Apache.As compared to other caching technologies which are enabled by default, Redis is an another additional caching technology that can be enabled from the console. You can switch these technologies on and off as per your requirements.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloudways offers cloud services from one of the four major cloud providers in the world at a reasonable price: Google Compute Engine (GCE), Amazon Web Service (AWS), DigitalOcean and Vultr. The good thing about hosting your PHP application through Cloudways on one of these four cloud providers is that you can get a guaranteed decreased page load time. Not only this, but a user can easily handle a number of requests without any glitches giving you an almost perfect uptime of 99.99%. With Cloudways, you can now launch as many websites as you want on a single or different number of servers with just a few clicks.


Single Click PHP Application Installation

Cloudways offer customers a wide range of PHP applications to choose from. Once a user has signed up for a free account, they will be eventually directed to a web page that allows the user to select their respective cloud provider and PHP based application they wish to craft their website on.

You can choose from PHP Stack, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, MediaWiki or PrestaShop etc – all applications are designed on PHP. You can also deploy your PHP based site by using the Custom PHP Stack. Further below you will be asked to specify your location and server size, once done, all you need to do is hit Add Application.


Guess what? Your fully configured PHP application is created and hosted on the cloud. To access it, you just have to simply navigate to Master Credentials in Server Management Tab from your Cloudways Platform.

While hosting your website over the internet, one thing that every user desires is the security of its website and information. Although, hosting your website on the cloud is already a secure step to take but not as secure as you think. Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Platform offers incremented security to its users through platform level firewall security. The platform itself offers SSL/SSH certifications and other multiple additional addons for security. Let’s Encrypt is an SSL certification that secures your website hosted on the Cloud infrastructure.

Cloudways offers you Let’s Encrypt SSL certification absolutely free through a single click installation. Moreover, much security hardening techniques are applied by developers of Cloudways at the back-end in order to create a secure environment.


Technical Support Team

Cloudways has gained credible recognition among different web hosting platforms because of its excellent, 24/7 available technical support team. The support is available at the expense of users through Live Chat and Email. You can either talk to a customer representative that will guide you step by step through how to resolve your specific problem or open a support ticket for your query. You get professional help while hosting your website on the Cloud giving you an incredible hosting experience with peace of mind. 

What Else is There?

Cloudways has recently revamped and launched Cloudways 2.0. With this launch, Cloudways has made it easier for users to launch and host their websites on the Cloud. Think of it as a Cloud Revolution. The new Cloudways 2.0 is packed with a number of surprises making hosting a hassle free solution. Cloudways has transformed the whole user interface and has made user’s life much easy.

All you have to do is visit Cloudways and Sign Up which is absolutely free.

Still not convinced about getting onboard?

Well, here is a deal you should not refuse!

What do you get with this?
–       1 Month of FREE Hosting on DigitalOcean or Vultr for 1GB and 2GB servers.
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So hurry up folks! Because this offer is valid until 4th of June, 2016.

Host your website with the New Cloudways 2.0 and have one of the best, Managed Cloud Hosting experience fulfilling your every business need.