5 PHP scripts to start a Social Network
Php 03-Feb-2019

5 PHP scripts to start a Social Network

The internet is swarming with PHP scripts but when it comes to Social Networking scripts, you can hardly find good ones. The reason for that must be because a social network need hard work for development and penis enlargement it’s very complicated to develop. Luckily, there are some good scripts out there with a small number of free ones. We have brought what we believe that they are the best, mostly used and have the top feedback.


Of course, we will begin with a free, open-source and large-scale script that is being used by a lot of successful websites. It’s developed with PHP/MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap and FontAwesome and it’s fully responsive. It can be used to create paid membership sites as well as dating sites.


We will not forget the famous plugin for the giant Content Management System, WordPress. It’s another free one with loads of great features. It’s one of the most used plugins by WordPress users ever. It has great support and a lot of developers working on making new plugins to extend its features. It also has a great variety of themes to match your website’s design.


PhpFox is loaded with features that can build a social network with features that matches the top social networks on the web. Unfortunately, it’s not free.  It can be a great choice for startups, organizations or NGOs. It has its own app store to enable people who bought it to add new features to their social networks.


One of the oldest social network scripts ever built. It has features like News Feed, Profiles, Groups, Live Chat and pretty much everything you could ask for is already here. A lot of plugins can be added too. It’s also not free.


Another premium script. It’s loaded with features like Plugin/Theme System, Custom HTML Block, User Roles, Cron Job Support, Custom Profile Fields, Payment Gateway, Hash Tag, Menu System, Multiple Widgets, Full Multi-Language Support, Bulk Mail, Page Manager, Ads Network Support, Layout Editor, Single SignOn(SSO), Full HTTPS, SSL Support, Customizable Email Templates, Membership Subscription and User Tag.


Although it’s hard to get a large social networking script for free, we provided two free options that you can use if you are a freelancer or working on your own projects. They can be used for production of course. But if you are working for and organization or have a good budget and looking for a extensively supported script, you may consider buying one of the premium ones.