Top Reasons to use Angular JS
Angular JS 20-Sep-2016

Top Reasons to use Angular JS

When it comes to the modern web development, Angular JS is one of the most fascinating libraries. Web designers love to use this because of the unique features attached to it. It is really popular at the moment. Considering the usefulness of it, several biggies like Paytm, Netflix, and Facebook etc. are already using this.

Angular JS

Let’s see the reasons why Angular JS is so popular at the moment?

  1. Model View Whatever (MVW) Model

First and foremost, what is Angular? It is nothing but a framework used by the programmers these days. It works seamlessly with other tools. Here we are talking about a nested architecture of models, where models (a JS object) work seamlessly with each other. As far as View is concerned, it is declared. The View allows more than one Views per controller.

  1. Declarative User Interface

As far as the user interface is concerned, Angular relies on HTML. Opting for a declarative approach is good for app development as it makes it easier. The good thing is that it offers exactly what we expect of it. How does Angular JS work? Well, it allows you to define what you want to achieve? As for the execution, you don’t have to worry at all as the Angular JS will take care of it.

  1. Data models In Angular JS

Let’s take the case of data models in Angular JS. One can say that these data models are really simple. They work with the help of POJO (Plane Old JavaScript Objects). You don’t need to include unwanted functions if you use POJO. You can easily manipulate the properties as well. Cork board model is the core concept of the data models used in Angular JS. As far as cork board is concerned, we are simply referring to an exclusive memory area. “Scopes” – that is the name of these data models.

  1. Directives Allows You To Control The Behavior

When it comes to Angular JS, directives are very important. We have to rely on directives to do any of the DOM modifications. With the help of Angular JS, you can turn the DOM code into directives. How does it help you? Well, this makes it really easy for you to control the behavior of the objects.

  1. Perform Data Manipulations With The Help Of Filters

If you don’t know already, data transformations are associated with filters. If you want to perform data manipulations, all that you need is filtered as it can easily perform the data manipulation. There are several examples of data manipulation – pagination implementation, changing the order of an array etc. are few examples. The good thing is that you don’t need to write a single line of extra JS code to get this done.

  1. Minimize The Need For Coding

Overall, the need for additional coding is minimized when it comes to Angular JS. It already comes with everything you need and that eliminates the need of additional coding. As a programmer, you don’t have to write MVC pipeline. As far as the view is concerned, it uses HTML. Already existing structures can be used by directives, so you don’t have to worry about integration at all. As far as data manipulation is concerned, already existing features have helped the filters to get it done with much ease.

  1. Offline Data Makes It Lot Easier

Service providers take care of the data as they are aligned with the server. They have offline data with them and that makes it a lot easier for you to access the data. Also, mechanisms are in store to easily retrieve and send data from the server in an efficient manner. Moreover, multiple devices are able to share the same resources with the help of service providers.

  1. Test Sample Data

Well, you will be able to do unit tests with the help of Angular JS. You will be given a sample data to perform your testing. You can provide the data to the controller output. You can analyze the outcome of this test. Without any doubt, many programmers prefer Angular JS for this feature. You will be impressed with the mock HTTP providers, which are capable of providing fake responses from the server for the sake of testing.

Aforementioned reasons are enough for a programmer to opt for Angular JS. When it comes to developing your web applications, Angular JS can be of great help. We hope that this article has made it very clear why you need to opt for Angular JS next time around when you develop your website.